October 19, 2018

I never expected the recent turn of events in the world stage to happen so worthy of admiration and humanity which I am sure, not many expected to happen in this day and age.

We have seen on television a couple of days ago the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in who made a Papal visit in the Vatican with his wife and entourage. The Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un also invited the Holy Father, the Pope to visit North Korea.

Many of us never expected these developments to happen so fast. We have to give credit to President Donald Trump. It took him to “break the ice,” so to speak. No other world leader dared nor attempted to unite contending forces that seemed headed to worldwide disaster.

I have always believed that there is goodness in every human being no matter how bad they may be. Somewhere in the recesses of their heart, the love and care of a mother who brought us all into this world must have inculcated that loving care deep in our hearts – to some very deep and to others pronounced and sensitive.

I would like to see the day that our people can unite as one people, one race, instead of this divisiveness that occur to us because of politics trying to put the country down. When will it touch our hearts to be good and honest to each other?

Noong nasa PCSO ako as Chairman in 1994 to 1998 during the term of President Fidel V. Ramos, I treated all those who came for help as a person, a human being. Tinulungan ko lahat pare-pareho ng humingi ng tulong. Hindi ko tinatanong kung ang kanilang kulay sa pulitika. Trinato ko lahat ang ating mga kababayan as best I could no matter what party affiliation they have.

Ang dami ngang tumatawag galing sa mga probinsiya at nagpapasalamat sa naitulong sa kanila sa mga ospital sa Cebu at ibang probinsiya. Nagpakilala pa nga na NPA daw sila na nagkasakit sa bundok. Isa lang naman ang sagot ko: Ang pera po ng PCSO ay para sa lahat ng may sakit. Pera po ‘yan ng taongbayan. Kapag may lumapit na humiling nga tulong, kaagad pong pinatutulungan maipagamot. Hindi po ako naghihintay ng endorsement. Kung ano po ang diagnosis sa sakit, dapat pong isalba ang buhay ng kapwa at ng kaniyang pamilya.

I hope to see the day that our people will have a real change of heart to unite, to be more caring to each other for the sake of our suffering people who are caught in the cross-fire. Kawawa po ang magkabilang partido, fighting for something that will never end. I honestly want to see that day that people will truly be honest and caring to one another. Corruptible people must cease and shed off their bad habits.


It is a big concern that Canada approved the use of Marijuana or Cannabis for 18 years old and above. I believe it’s a very wrong move. What for? Are the Canadians that lonely to need some Cannabis or Marijuana to perk them up?

This plant is intoxicating and habit forming and hard to remove from the young once they start using it.

I can accept the use of Marijuana or Cannabis for medical purposes, for seriously ill patients, but to open it up to all 18 years old and above is not quite right for at that age they are precisely in their formative years that can destroy their future. That’s carrying freedom and democracy too far.

I see a dark future for countries who’ve legalized Marijuana or Cannabis (or Mary Jane as it was called decades ago when I was schooling in America.) Some of my classmates acted like zombies and carefree.

It’s a temporary “feel-good” stance that lessen the rationality of a person. Maybe an older Prime Minister of Canada with wisdom would have not considered such potions to be legitimized. We have heard of sexual harassments and rapes and robberies; and other abnormal behavior all induced by Marijuana or Cannabis.

Time will tell what will be the effects of Marijuana/Cannabis to the people of Canada. For sure, it will be abused by the young and the old like alcohol. And Cannabis or Marijuana have the effect of making one feel good including in doing wrong things. It makes those taking it float in the air that everything is free to do without any guilt feeling.

What Canada and other States in the U.S. that legalized Marijuana/Cannabis is that sooner or later it “graduates” to something worse, stronger because of its ingredients that induce habit-forming.

We can only pray that the vastness of Canada can control the proliferation and production of Marijuana.

This will someday become a tall order to control. Time will tell.

With modern medicine, there are non-addictive nor non habit-forming supplements for depression and cancer, and pneumonia, Dengue, Zika and other diseases which are organic that kills all diseases.

It’s all over the world: Transfer Factor. It’s widely used in Russia, discovered in America in 1949 by Dr. Lawrence and captured the T-cells in 1999.

President Putin passed a law to be given to all patients especially cancer patients. It’s organic and in capsule form.

So many lives have been saved by it, including Dengue patients in just two days with only 12 capsules. Fever disappears and the blood count goes to normal level as well – in just two days!

I know, I was the one who introduced it to the PCSO. But it was discontinued in 2010 by the Margie Juico board.

Was it replaced by the deadly Dengvaxia vaccine?

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