Undas at typhoon ‘Rosita’

October 29, 2018

Ipanalangin natin na sana lumihis ang bagyong “Rosita” ngayon na para naman ang mga bibiyahe sa mga probinsiya para makasama nila ang minamahal nila (at nating lahat) sa kaarawan ng mga yumao nating minamahal sa buhay.

Ang laki pong pinsala sa ating lahat kapag nagpatuloy itong hindi natin inaasahang bagyong “Rosita.”

Sana po lumihis sa Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) itong bagyong “Rosita” ng hindi naman mahirapan ang ating mga kababayan sa kaarawan nang lahat tayo ay may mga yumaong minamahal sa buhay na nasa langit na sila kasama ang Panginoong Diyos at ating Blessed Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints and Angels in heaven.


Our Parish of the Sacred Heart in Barangay Sacred Heart is on the right direction.  For the first time, it held a “Parade of Saints.”  The Catholic Church is discouraging the celebration of Halloween, the “Trick or Treat” with children going around a village or community from one house to another begging for candies but dressed as devils and morbid costumes that to me dishonor the dead.  It is as if we are celebrating those who are in hell instead of praying that our beloved departed are in heaven.  Let’s change for the better and tone down on representing the bad and the evil.  We live in dangerous times to be reminded by such unpleasant sights.

By having this “Parade of Saints,” we appropriately honor our beloved departed the right way by seeking for the intervention of the Saints in heaven to intercede for our loved ones who are no longer with us today.

Last Sunday, the 28th of October, the procession of children dressed as saints passed by my residence in Tomas Morato Avenue at about 4 p.m. It was very inspiring to see so many children properly and elegantly dressed representing the Saints.  I only have one comment to make, if I am right in what I saw at about the tail end of the procession.  Most of the children were girls garbed to represent their favorite women-saints.  How about the boys?  There are also so many male saints which our kids can also represent and for all of us to honor.  Maybe the male saints were represented as well but missed seeing them.

I am sorry if I missed out in what I saw in the “Parade of Saints” which I wish to refer to as a “procession of saints” instead for what I saw was a procession, not a parade.  It was definitely more a solemn procession with a carosa, which I failed to identify the statue of a Saint on it.

Naabutan ko na lang po as the procession turned right from Tomas Morato Avenue to Scout Gandia Street.  It was a big statue of a saint on board a carosa.


On the other hand, 19 Pinays were held in Saudi Arabia for celebrating Halloween party dressed in ugly and scary costumes, which, as stated in the newspapers, they could be charged with “immorality or organized witchcraft activity.”  It was reported that “witchcraft is an act punishable in Saudi Arabia with imprisonment and fine.”

Dapat ang ating mga kababayan bago pumunta sa ibang bansa (o pag nasa ibang bansa) kailangan alamin ang mga kostumbre o kaugalian ng bansa na paroroonan nila para iwas sa mga salungat ng host country.  Nasabi nga sa news, it carries one year jail term and fine.  One year is a long time to be in jail just for a few hours of fun.  It does not make sense.

Kaya mag-ingat po kayo alang-alang na lang sa inyong mga pamilya dito sa ating bansa.


The recent killings in Pittsburgh last Saturday’s Jewish Sabbath day of prayer in the Tree of Life synagogue was indeed very sad and lamentable.  Eleven (11) American Jews killed and wounding six.  “It was the deadliest attack on Jews in US history…”

We must all learn to accept all religious beliefs for all of them worship a Higher Being.  We must respect all religious that are God-centered.

We empathize with all the families left behind in the tragedy that occurred in Pittsburgh, Penn., U.S.A.  And to the Americans of Jewish descent, we in the Philippines are one with you.

God be with all of us.

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