United States in ‘race for time’ versus China

February 12, 2019

AS I am writing this piece, China has already released a statement basically accusing the United States of “provocation” when the US Navy last Monday sent two of its ‘guided-missile destroyers’ for another round of ‘freedom of navigation’ patrol at the hotly-contested South China Sea, which is the ‘West Philippine Sea’ insofar as we are concerned.

As I commented on social media, the US has no choice but to do the provocation (which is what those naval patrol is all about) directly because our president, Pres. Duterte, has refused to play the role that his other predecessors in office has played -- to do the risky job of “baiting” China and all the other wishes of US Imperialism.

In short, PDU30’s refusing to be just another ‘American puppet’ this side of the Pacific has left Uncle Sam with no choice but to do the “dirty job” itself.

Such aggressive move by the United States is fraught with danger for all concerned, the Philippines included of course. But heck, the “militarists” and other vested in the US seat of power couldn’t care less -- if they want war, they are going to get it, one way or another.

Over this, we recall the ‘USS Maine incident anchored in Havana, Cuba in early 1898, which blew up and became the excuse the US need as a pretext to wage war against Spain that subsequently ended with the Philippines, then Spain’s colony, becoming the latest US “possession” in the Pacific.

As it turned out, Spain was not involved in the explosion that sank the ‘Maine’ but heck, US Imperialism got the war it wanted.

In 1964, during the time of Lyndon Johnson, we saw the same bogus, naval excuse used by the United States to expand its war of aggression in Vietnam thru the so-called, ‘Gulf of Tonkin Incident.’

Again, as it turned out, the incident used by Johnson to get congressional approval in expanding the Vietnam War never happened, as admitted to by then US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara in his ‘memoir’ decades later.

And who could forget about the 2003 US invasion of Iraq in search of Saddam Hussein’s “weapons of mass destruction?”

Up to this day, no WMD has been found, Iraq has been totally wrecked to include its ancient civilization but again, who among the US leaders care if they are found lying thru their teeth again. They lust for war and they would get it any which way they can.

And over the way the US is acting aggressively in the SCS/WPS, it is not hard to see that it contains a certain urgency to it all.

As of this writing, it has been confirmed that China has successfully tested -- and actually deployed to sea -- the world’s latest “supergun” also known as the “railgun.”

As I am not technically competent to discuss its merit here, suffice it to say, that China has surpassed both Russia and America in the development and actual testing of the railgun, acknowledged as the “next generation” of “artillery” in the world with sufficient power and accuracy to sink even an aircraft carrier from nearly 1,000 miles away.

In other words, the railgun threatens to render the much-feared US Navy and its array of 19 (as of 2017) aircraft carriers ineffective in case of war.

And the main “problem” in dealing with the threat of the railgun, experts agree, is that the target can offer no defense against it because its “artillery” travels at three times the speed of sound.

In other words, a carrier “strike group” may not have sufficient time to deploy its aircrafts onboard before it is sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Of course, other followers of the railgun development, if this be a “balm” in their mind, would want to point out that according to news reports, China’s railgun would be ready for combat by 2025.

And by which time, the US would have surely caught up with China and Russia and deploy its own railguns, the way the US beat the USSR in the ‘Space Race’ despite a slow start.

But I don’t think US military are stupid enough to believe those news reports, based on their own experience with their building of the atomic bomb.

Although it took them nearly five years to build the first atom bomb, successfully testing it in July 1945, barely three weeks later, they are already dropping it in the city of Hiroshima.

Such is the quick pace of technology that the Americans know that to rely on news reports about China’s railgun deployment is to become stupid.

The US is now in the race for time against China.

We can only expect more aggressive moves from them in the coming days. All of us, especially our beloved president, Pres. Duterte, should take this into consideration.

And thankfully, he’s got his foreign policy correct. He should stay the course.