‘Very good’ job

August 13, 2020

LIKE a leaking nuclear power plant, the highly-contagious and deadly coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to “terrorize” people across the globe, including Filipinos.

In the Philippines, the bad news is that the government is spending billions of pesos of the taxpayers’ money to meet the mushrooming needs, like food and medicine, of the people.

A few days ago, President Duterte himself admitted that the government had run out of money to give assistance to the beleaguered Filipino people amid the paralyzing COVID-19 pandemic.

Duterte said “I am between the devil and the deep blue sea,” explaining that some doctors asked for the extension of a stricter lockdown, but many people would want to get back to work.”

And in the fight against COVID-19, Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, a former member of Congress, said the government is doing a “very good” job despite the spike in the number of infections.

Although Roque acknowledged the continuing transmission of COVID-19 in this impoverished Southeast Asian country, he was convinced that the government is able to manage the pandemic.

“I would say that we have done very good so far in containing it and also in limiting the death (of COVID-19 patients),” according to the highly-articulate Roque, a lawyer like Duterte.

And we share the view of Roque that the Philippines would have recorded millions of infections had the government failed to take immediate steps to arrest the further spread of the virus.

Likewise, we agree with the presidential spokesman that the situation in the Philippines “is not as bad” as it might seem compared to other countries, like the United States.

We expect to win the battle against COVID-19 because we have well-meaning government officials, like President Duterte, who have the heart and mind for the good health of the people.