VP Leni’s ‘slip of the tongue’

AFTER its utter failure to divert the issue of corporate irresponsibility that was actually behind the water supply shortage plaguing its concession area, Manila Water top honcho, president and CEO, Ferdinand dela Cruz admitted yesterday before lawmakers, that, yes Juan, the shortage was actually their fault.

Indeed, early reports from yesterday’s proceedings by the mainstream media even quoted dela Cruz as saying he was taking “full accountability for what has happened.”

As we know now, there would have been no supply shortage at all if only Manila Water (read: the Ayalas) finished their water supply projects in Rizal and Muntinlupa by the end of 2018. They failed to do so and as a result, there was a supply shortage in their concession area.

Worse, Manila Water also blundered twice by drawing their supply shortage from their La Mesa Dam reservoir to cover up for their above incompetence and with millions of water being drawn daily, what can everybody expect but that La Mesa’s water level would be depleted much faster than anyone can cry, “Tubiigg!!”

Now, whether dela Cruz, still retains that Filipino virtue called, “kahihiyan” to offer his resignation for their fiasco that has affected millions of our citizens, that remains to be seen. More importantly, his admission also mostly reflects on his being a questionable executive and if for this alone, he should have the decency to resign.

I mean, in Korea and Japan, resigning is what executives with enough self-respect and decency would do, hindi ba mga kabayan?

But if dela Cruz did not have enough shame to resign, what can we expect from the ranks of the oligarchs anyway? ‘Andami yata nilang pinagkukunan ng kapal ng mukha, hahaha!

But never mind the admission, dear readers.

For running true to the “template” laid down by the Ayala rah-rah boys (and girls) in the media and among our national figures, our “debatable” vice president, Leni Robredo, continues to stick to the “strategic line” of diverting the issue of Manila Water’s corporate irresponsibility by harping on China’s agreeing to fund the development of the Kaliwa Dam in Quezon.

In the main, Robredo was all heated up by the government’s decision to get Chinese financing for the P18.72 billion ($211.2 million) new water source for Metro Manila’s over 12 million residents, instead of sticking to the “original plan” to have their local oligarch “padrinos” (read: the likes of the Ayalas, Lopezes, Pangilinan/Salim, etc.) make the “investment” thru the Aquino regime’s “PPP” (public private partnership) back in 2012.

Earlier this month, when the supply shortage was most acute, Robredo, like a trained parrot much as everyone else enamored to the “gravitas” regularly being thrown their way by the oligarchs, also took the line that Manila Water was spotless of blame because the shortage was due to the ‘El Niño weather phenomenon’ and the low level of water at La Mesa Dam.

(Not to be outdone in showing subservience to the oligarchs, water regulator, MWSS, shamelessly put the blame on itself to protect the immaculate image of Manila Water. In an interview las March 14, MWSS chief regulator, Patrick Uy, said the fault for the water supply shortage in the eastern zone of Metro Manila, lies with MWSS).

But going back to Robredo’s assault on the official development assistance (ODA) given by China for the Kaliwa project instead of again giving this multi-billion-dollar project to the oligarchs, could it be that she is just voicing the collective angst of the oligarchs that another source of unending profit for them has been taken away by PDU30?

This is not just plain speculation dear readers, considering the success made by the oligarchs in transferring to their control the country’s entire electric/power industry as soon as their coup against Pres. Erap succeeded in 2001.

Just take a look back, dear readers. As things now stand today, the country’s oligarchs have complete stranglehold on our electric industry, from power generation to power distribution.

Looking back too, we can see that the power supply woes that marred the last years of Cory Aquino’s regime that spilled over to the administration of FVR, another servant of the elite and US Imperialism, was taken advantage of by the oligarchs in order to privatize our entire electric industry.

The high mark of this campaign was the illegal removal of Pres. Erap in 2001 and the passage of the EPIRA Law (RA 9136) in May 2001, the first law enacted under PGMA, or less than 4 months after PJEE was removed from office.

And yet, even this effort by Robredo and the entire slew of elite drumbeaters to discredit the loan from China in favor of their PPP channel stands not much of a chance to be believed, dear readers.

As DOF Secretary Carlos Dominguez has clearly puts it in an article at the PDI last March 15, the government got a “better deal” for this project compared to the financing negotiated by both the regimes of PGMA and PNoy -- also from China -- in 2012 for the Angat Dam “improvement” project.

At just 2 percent interest and with a 7-year grace period for the Kaliwa Dam compared to the 3 percent interest and a grace period of just 5 years for the Angat Dam, it is bending the facts a bit too much for the likes of Robredo (and Rep. Neli Colmenares) to state as fact that we got a bad deal for the Kaliwa Dam project from China.

Other details of the “superiority” of the Kaliwa Dam terms compared to the other contracted loans by the past administrations are there in the Internet for anyone interested to browse so I am no longer detailing them here. You are free to check them out for yourself, dear readers.

The point is, had PDU30 decided to follow the PPP route as desired by the oligarchs, what atrocious terms are we all going to end up with, by the way?

And again, let me  point out that Robredo’s “slip of the tongue” over the Kaliwa Dam financing and all these “anti-China tirade” disclosed much more than what was intended: that the oligarchs are pissed off that this one gets to slip away from their grab.

‘Yun lang ‘yun!