Waste Management Law

December 14, 2018

There are many places in the country where the Ecological Solid Waste Management Law (EWSM) Law (RA 9003) is not being followed by LGUs nationwide.  The Law was authored by Senator Loren Legarda.  As the Senator said: “For 15 years now, we have the Ecological Social Waste Management Law, RA 9003”… “The measure aims to create a clean and healthy environment using system of solid waste management that starts with segregation of garbage at its source, segregated transportation, processing, treatment and proper disposal of solid waste.  I emphasize on recycling so that less garbage is actually brought to the sanitary landfill and those brought to the final disposal site are effectively maintained,” said Legarda.

According to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), as of 2015, “only 36 percent of LGUs have complied with all aspects of this legislation,” meaning to say that the problem originated from the past administration.

President Rodrigo Duterte made a pronouncement “to look into the local government units’ (LGUs) discretionary funds and how they are using it to manage garbage in their respective communities.”

According to Senator Legarda… “that there was no reason for LGUs not to effectively manage solid waste in their localities because aside from having discretionary funds, the ecological management of solid waste is mandated by law.”

The Senator lamented that majority of LGUs have yet to comply with the provisions of RA 9003.

According to informations gathered, the Ombudsman recently “filed cases against non-compliant LGUs…”

“In the 2016 national budget, 500 million was allocated under the DENR’s Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) for capacity building programs for LGUs for the implementation of the ESWM.”

“What we really need is for local leaders to have the political will to implement the law at full speed, “according to Senator Legarda; and I agree, for if we want to have a healthy and epidemic-free society, the LGUs must fully comply with Republic Act 9003.  For example, the Monterrazas Village in Barangay Tuding, Itogon, Benguet has been suffering from for years.

The government departments and agencies lack proper information dissemination to inform the public and the Local Government officials to take the Republic Acts seriously for those must be followed by everybody.  

For one, my family suffered from a partnership with politicians with my youngest brother, Jose L. Morato, who together demolished the ancestral house of my parents built by my father in the 1950s in violation of Republic Act 10066.  It was the house where my parents lived in with the family; and where my late father died in 1965 and my late mother died in 2002.  You can never imagine the pain and sadness we, five siblings who had no knowledge at all, are suffering from.  The ancestral home was in the center of our family compound at 99 Scout Gandia Street, Quezon City, a residential area where the Belmontes together with Jose L. Morato are putting up a 21 storey condo/hotel, given a “Special Permit” by the Quezon City Council headed by Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

We had to go to court for Jose L. Morato evidently sold the entire property to the Belmontes as if he owned it alone.  We had to take him to court for the documents presented in court were falsified.

We filed a civil case in the RTC Branch 215, Quezon City Hall of Justice; and a case of Syndicated Estafa against 10 of those involved.  But unfortunately, the Assistant City Prosecutor handling the case, Nerissa Rhona V. Zamora-Amoroso gave birth.  It was raffled to another, Assistant City Prosecutor Roderick P. Robledo.

There are 10 respondents and Assistant City Prosecutor Amoroso understood it well.  She gave us time to explain.  But when it was re-raffled, we were no longer given a chance to be heard and dismissed the case; including the dummy used who acted as the owner of my mother’s properties, including the ancestral house and “sold” said properties to Jose L. Morato and the Belmontes as if he alone (I will not mention the name) owned our closed family corporation.

We are sad about the decision for even a 4th grader injected with Dengvaxia vaccine would understand and not allow such a glaring estafa pass-by.

I have, however, one question I would like to ask: How come, despite the ongoing case at RTC Branch 215, the excavation already 10 to 15 meters deep, continues and have not stopped at all?  The decision on the Syndicated Estafa our lawyers are answering shortly.   

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