Water supply will worsen, unless… (1)

March 18, 2019

As our towns and cities get bigger and congested, it is easy to foretell what is in store before us in the future. We have very few open spaces and parks that serve as catch basin for water from rainfall.

I was told that in Singapore and other well-planned cities are well prepared to meet the demands of the future. Even the paving of sidewalks are done with bricks and not cemented held steady by sand so rain water and street washing can be seep in to contribute to the water bed underground.

Highrise buildings have mushroomed in many parts of the city. As per the observation of a doctor-friend regarding the water shortage we are going through, along Edsa to SM North and Balintawak are suddenly full of tall buildings which not too long ago were not there. It is indeed very surprising how those tall buildings sprouted practically overnight.

A doctor-friend commented that those tall buildings will put a strain on our water reserve. It is those highrise buildings that heavily consume our water reserve in the dam and reservoir. He said, Metro Manila would need no less than 2 to 3 more dams to meet the demands of those highrise buildings. His main concern is the water supply needed by the hospitals. The hospitals were badly affected recently that led the doctors to worry about the tall buildings that continue to grow.

I purposely passed by several areas in Quezon City and indeed almost all of the open spaces not too long ago are now full of buildings, huge buildings which indeed would need a tremendous amount of water supply.

As Metro Manila grows (they say for the sake of “progress,” more of greed), more reservoirs and dams would be needed or face the bigger and bigger demand for water in the very near future.

If this water shortage situation suddenly occurred and caught us by surprise, those in-charge of planning the supply of water needed by the city must just have to drive around the city and see for themselves how the La Mesa Dam can possibly cope up with all those buildings that suddenly mushroomed overnight.

Do these buildings have to be so tall to maximize greed for more income? Being on the earthquake belt, there is reason to rethink. New York on Manhattan Island is safe. No earthquake in New York. It can accommodate tall buildings safely. Parts of Japan are also on the earthquake belt, but Japanese technology spend more money on the “floating” foundation than on the building itself.

Some knowledgeable businessmen have commented that those who made fortunes in the past through corruption and/or drug-trading are parking their ill-gotten wealth on real estate and highrise buildings instead of depositing their money in the banks which the AMLA can send alarm signals re huge deposits. Many have also siphoned their ill-gotten wealth abroad. But the size of the loot in pesos is not easily convertible into foreign currency such as U.S. dollars. Some have succeeded by whatever means which my businessmen friends commented to me; and the amounts invested in the country are hard to trace for dummies are formed to camouflage where the funds came from; and who truly owns the loot.

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