We are all in it (1)

March 01, 2019

The nuclear summit in Hanoi, Vietnam between US President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un was “cut short” and ended abruptly last Thursday according to news reports.

The road to peace is not that easy to traverse especially a situation which has concerned the entire world for almost 70 years since the early 1950s when the Korean War broke out in North Korea that divided this nation into South and North Korea.

What bothers all right-thinking people is why denigrate the hard work that US President Trump is doing to achieve peace in the Korean Peninsula which has bothered many nations and took the situation as a great problem for the entire world.  The US in the past never even came near solving the enormous problem between North Korea and many other countries seeking for peace.

The Korean War in North Korea in the early 1950s caused so many deaths on the American soldiers and soldiers of allied forces.  How many families suffered the loss of their loves ones because there was no way of reaching an agreement peacefully.  The North stood pat against the South and divided their nation into two parts, as well as their very own people whose relatives were separated as well never to see each other for decades.  It was only recently that some concessions were allowed to cross to border to brief reunion in their golden years.  It was a heart-breaking reunion and further opened the wounds of sadness.

President Trump whatever those who are not politically allied with him do not see the importance of what the US President is doing to save the world.  The democrats try to put down all President Trumps efforts to achieve peace for the United States of America and to the entire world.  But it will be done.  President Trump will succeed in giving peace to the world.  Mark my word.

Watching the news by CNN, one would feel that their stance against President Trump is endless.  I can only say that instead of helping save their nation and the rest of the world, they do not care for as long as they can damage the efforts of a President who America has never had one before other presidents who tried but did not solve the war with North Korea.  And the problem lingered on for 7 decades.  This negotiation will not fail.  It will succeed for world leaders believe on the capacity, good intentions and brilliant mind of a man who even disciplined his own children.  Like a good father of the land, he will succeed.

I am confident that only President Trump will solve what ails America.  Since he took over the Presidency of the United States, so many problems have been solved for the benefit of the American people.  Those against President Trump know that they are only out to unseat him and be in power again. But political power must not be the reason to go against a leader who loves his country more than others who have led the U.S.A. and were not controversial for instead of facing the problems of America squarely, they played politics, the art of hypocrisy.

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