We are all in it (2)

March 02, 2019

That’s why the problems of the nation lingered on when problems are confronted with so much niceties and hypocrisy.

President Trump is not a politician.  His kind are those who have better vision, devoid of political hypocrisies that the US of America has had too much of it that most other countries have followed.  President Trump is a smart and well-educated person, a Wharton graduate who knows what is good for America, economically.  This is the first time America has had a successful businessman from the best business school in which he graduated.  I don’t believe there is one in Congress and Senate who achieved so much as President Trump.   

Democracy is nice to hear as a form of government – if it is well intentioned.  I’ve lived my student life in America, in the 1950s and 60s were the problems basically was segregation.  It was an internal affair of America which took decades and decades to solve.  But I must say, that only happened in sensitive areas for the American’s in general are a good, peaceful, religious and giving person.  That’s what I have in mind while I was growing up studying in Georgetown Prep School in Maryland and Loyola University of Los Angeles, California.  I can say that I was Jesuit bred, an intern and lived a cloistered life in my formative years.  I have fond memories of the American people and families of my classmates wherein I vacationed with different families and in different states.  I am sad to see America of today how it deteriorated in the sense that past leaders have removed the freedom of religion, allowed influx of illegal immigrants whose customs could not blend well because of different temperament, from different environment and God knows what background and motivation they have.

The mere fact that they are forcing their way in, that border is not only a necessity but a duty to block them.  America as a nation has the right as a nation to save their country from invasion of any kind.

Entering the United States of America illegally is definitely a form of invasion harmful to the United States of America.


The devolution of America in recent years say it all.  I read a comment on Facebook entitled “Insane Insanity 20 – Nutzy –

It states as follows:

“R.I.P. America!!! You went soft on discipline.  You raised the cost of living so high that both parents are always at work, rather than spending time with their children.  You took God out of schools.  Parents were told ‘no you can’t discipline your kids!  Kids had rights blah, blah, blah.  Well. America!! You shall reap what you sow, and we have lost a whole generation and turned them into selfish, disrespectful brats who have no respect for people, property or authority!  Things need to change!  Copy and paste if you have the guts too!!!”

I agree that this is what happened to America.  During my time of schooling in the U.S., my grade school classmates as well as in college had respects for their parents.

I believe that America exaggerated their freedom on the young in their formative years.  That was what embedded in their minds that the law gives the children their rights which they abused and became disrespectful of their parents as if they at par with them in anything they wish to do when their brains have not been formed into maturity and responsibility.

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