We need stricter laws and rules on drivers and license applicants

February 13, 2020

Three terrifying road accidents involving alleged wayward drivers who all reportedly claim having lost control of their vehicles, thus causing deaths and injuries to innocent people,  have hogged the headlines this week, happening just within a three-day period.

The first of what seems to be a series of unfortunate events was when a wayward Montero killed a 54-year-old woman when it backed in full speed in Raon, Sta. Cruz, Manila last February 11.

The driver of the Mitsubishi Montero (RKW-502) claimed that before the incident, the engine was making too much noise and then suddenly sped off backward.

The fatality, identified as Marides Suing Co, a resident of Maharlika, Quezon City, got pinned between the car and a shop and died instantly. The sight was totally gory as the victim looked like a deformed rag doll. Six others were injured.

The driver was said to have just come from Bataan and merely went to Manila to buy a videoke machine while the victim went scouting for videoke parts.

The investigation into the accident had barely begun when news of a passenger jeepney ramming into a group of students became headline.

One person died while seven others were injured after the said incident took place in Makati City on Wednesday evening.

A video recording of the incident showed students crossing a pedestrian lane along J.P. Rizal corner Mabini street in Brgy. Poblacion at 7:20 p.m.

A traffic enforcer was also seen guiding the students when the speeding jeepney suddenly came into the picture. Notably, a car had already stopped to give way to the students and yet, the passenger jeepney, coming from behind, arrived in full speed and rammed the students.,

The driver, identified as Crisalde Jaictin Tamparo (some reports say it is Rizaldy Samparong),  claimed having lost his brakes. This claim is unacceptable though, in the fact of the fact that he actually stopped a few meters from the impact site which goes to show that his brakes were working at that time, when, by the way, the stoplight was already red.

There are reports that the jeepney driver also counterflowed.

Makati City Mayor Abby Binay has ordered the police to identify the operator of the jeepney and recommend the immediate suspension of its franchise by the LTFRB (Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board).

And then came the incident in the vicinity of the Baclaran Church on, Redemptorist Road, Barangay Baclaran, Parañaque City.

At least 10 people were hurt —four in critical condition— after an SUV also rammed into a crowd just outside the Church, particularly at Gate 2.  Pedestrians were injured and several parked cars got hit.

The driver of the SUV, a black Toyota Fortuner, was identified as Allan Respecia.  He was held by the police amid reports that what he did was intentional. In light of said recent events, it may be worth mentioning that the licenses issued to the drivers involved be withdrawn and tighter measures be instituted by the issuing authorities to applicants.

Also, the full force of the law should be applied and if their offense is bailable, the laws be revised to make such offenses non-bailable.

All applicants and drivers must be made to fully understand that sitting  behind the whel carries with it a huge responsibility, one that involves lives of innocent people, including that of your very own and that of your loved ones.  


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