A welcome development

October 06, 2018

IN the Philippines, political parties play a stellar role in the election of honest, dedicated, competent and well-meaning national and local government officials, including the President.

And people acknowledge that political parties are indispensable in democratic societies, like the Philippines, where balloting, which is “democracy in action,” is held every three years.

Thus, the highly-influential Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (Lakas-CMD) Party is on the right track in swearing in new members, many of them big names in politics, showbiz and sports.

Without doubt, the recruitment of new Lakas-CMD members is a welcome development as the filing of certificates of candidacy (COCs) for the May 13, 2019 elections approaches.

In Resolution No. 10249, the Commission on Elections has decreed that candidates may file their COCs October 11-17. The poll body set the election period from January 13 to June 12.

Leading the recruitment of new party members are lawyer Martin Romualdez and House Deputy Speaker Prospero “Butch” Pichay, Lakas-CMD president and secretary-general, respectively.

Under the resolution, the campaign period for senatorial and party-list candidates will run from February 12 to May 11, while those seeking local positions may campaign from March 29 to May 11.

“Our new members are strong addition to Lakas-CMD, you are all welcome to the party,” said Romualdez, the acknowledged leader of the House Independent Bloc when he was still a congressman.

As Lakas-CMD members and allied with the administration, the recruits are expected to support President Duterte’s programs aimed at speeding up the country’s socio-economic development.

In the view of many well-meaning Filipinos, including respected local politicians, joining the revitalized and principled Lakas-CMD party is a step in the right direction.