What the hell, Lazada?; What ticked Sen. Villar off?

ON two occasions, Lazada, an online seller, delivered to our office items which I never, ever ordered.

The first purportedly ordered item was delivered to the office of the Journal Group of Publications in Port Area, Manila on May 3, 2019.

My ever good bosses, overall editor in chief Gus Villanueva and People’s Tonight editor Tess Lardizabal, did not only take it upon themselves to receive the said item for me.  With all the good intentions and kindness in their hearts, they also paid for it.

When Madam Tess informed me about it, I was surprised because I never made any purchase from Lazada in the first place. I then requested her to open the box to find out what was inside and voilah!!! It was a bottle of cheap, ordinary alcohol.

Although what happened left a lot of questions in my mind, I was too busy to dwell on it so I just let it slide.

I later realized it was a huge mistake on my part to not bring up the matter with Lazada, when another item was delivered to our office about a week later, on May 13.

This time around, Boss Gus and Madam Tess called me up first to confirm if I had ordered anything.

Again, I was surprised so I talked to the delivery man whom they told to stay while they confirmed if the item was really ordered by me or not. I told the guy that I didn’t purchase anything and that Lazada is already pissing me off since the erroneous delivery was being made for the second time.

The delivered item, when opened, was another bottle of alcohol only this time, it was a bigger one. Just like the first time, the item was wrapped to death. Madam Tess no longer took a picture of the details like she did the first time, where the delivery bore my name as the consignee and other details stated were as follows: Shipped date- 03 May/ Order date 02 May/ order number  229494356242989 / tracking number SO0 029259397/ STA-H-ADR-H1/FM Pickup by: LEX PH.

The said guy told me he is not in a position to provide me a satisfactory explanation since he is just the delivery man, adding that even he was annoyed when I told him my story.

Note that earlier on that very day of May 14th, I received a text message from 09178435733 at 9:52 a.m. which read: ‘Good Day This is from LAZADA.i would like to inform that your item is for delivery today. Are you available to recieve your item today thank you. Kindly reply your name if your available (sic) thank you.’

The said message was sent not to my regular cellphone number but to the number that I use in my column which, of course, is open to the public.

To this, I readily replied: ‘what item is that?last time lazada delivered alcohol which i never ordered and no one confirmed with me.’

Getting no response via text, I began calling up the said number but my calls just went unanswered. I also sent a follow-up text message: ‘im asking what item that is  because lazada delivered alcohol to my ofc w/o confirming wd me.i never ordered alchohol.wat for?’

It is therefore highly questionable why the delivery was still made when, in the first place, there was no confirmation on my part whatsoever that I ordered anything and in fact, I denied it categorically.

I’m not a fan of Lazada so I’m not aware of their system or lack of it, considering my experience— not once but twice!!!

I am beginning to wonder if these incidents have anything to do with a pending libel case lodged against me recently.

What makes me wonder even more is why a supposedly reputable company such as Lazada would not have any way of solidly confirming the orders with the supposed customers before having them delivered.  Otherwise, I’m sure there are other ‘victims like myself and Lazada plays host to prank orders.

Lastly, I wonder: Are those running this company in this country really that stupid??


The recent display of rare annoyance by Sen. Cynthia Villar right in the Senate halls came as some sort of a shock to me.

Used to seeing her as the ever cool lady senator, with a slow speaking almost monotone voice that probably does not exceed one decibel, her strong reaction toward Senator Manny Pacquiao, who was then collecting signatures for the retention of Senator Tito Sotto as Senate President, was really surprising. Her behaviour —facial expression, tone and body language (I think she even tapped Pacquiao in the arm while stressing a point based on a TV footage) was offensive.

Before anybody gets me wrong, I do not know Pacquiao personally. It’s just that when Villar ‘scolded’ him in front of so many, I felt for him. It’s like he was not being treated as a co-equal or a fellow senator at that time.

From what I know, Sen. Villar is a kind-hearted person and I would like to believe that her unexpected reaction at that time was merely an isolated incident in her career, where she obviously gave a remarkable performance that in fact catapulted her to landing the top spot in the recently-concluded Senatorial elections.


Jokjok (from Diana Valenciano of  R. Salas, Malate, Manila )— Juan: Magaling ang tatay ko!/ Pedro: Ows, baket?/Juan: Alam mo ba yung ‘Pacific Ocean’? Siya kaya ang humukay nun!/Pedro: Sus, wala ‘yan sa tatay ko!/Juan: Bakit?/ Pedro: Eh alam mo ba yung ‘Dead Sea’? Siya ang pumatay’ nun! Hah!

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