What if?

February 23, 2019

I have always been told to remove from my mindset this phrase of “what if?” I am always being reminded that it may just delay my moving forward and that it is better to have goals and work towards it.

It is better to be always aware and be mindful of the present moment. It is better to be realistic and work hard to achieve our dreams.

The “what if?” is more on dwelling and rehashing the past and unless we learn lessons from it, it is not a healthy way of thinking. I agree of course but what if we use this phrase to picture a situation that will help improve the way of thinking of our people?

For example, what if we use this phrase by thinking of scenarios that will make our lives better?

For example, what if we are a disciplined people, then we will have a better way of moving forward like in disciplining ourselves to observe basic rules such as no littering, walking  in the proper lane, and to always speak well of our country instead of always bashing it to bits even in front of foreigners. What if we had local officials who are indeed cognizant of the good of their locality and will therefore engage in projects that will benefit the majority instead of the few?

What if we have ego-less politicians? What if we do limit political dynasties to certain terms and positions? What if our urban planners think of ways to make our underprivileged countrymen live in humane conditions?

What if more job opportunities are out there? What if we truly have a strong middle class so that our poverty level will go down? I know these are all wishful thinking but still, don’t you think that they are at least achievable? If you haven’t gone home to your hometowns lately, try going back.

If you have been gone for, say, more than 10 years, let me assure you that you will see a lot of difference in your place. It may be a more progressive hometown, or a slow progress place depending on the quality of your local officials.

I notice that the younger officials, still in their idealistic frame of mind, are more innovative and indeed have the welfare of their constituents in terms of providing them quality basic services.

There is more transparency due to social media and more outspoken citizens, thanks to media. We can use “what if?” in a positive way by making us think of ways to really look for achievable solutions rather than be in a crab mentality mode.

Think about it. If you keep on destroying and bad mouthing our country, what does that make of us? And so, what if we indeed have a citizenry that truly works for the betterment of his or her neighborhood, community, and eventually, the country as a whole. We can do it.