What’s all the fuss about Bato Dela Rosa???

ONE of the leading, senatorial candidates Ronaldo ‘Bato’ dela Rosa continues to get the brickbats for admitting that he does not know what a senator does.

In his usual provincial accent, his exact words were: ‘Ewan ko kung meron bang seminar diyan, or ano bang training diyan para matutuhan ko kung paano gawin ‘yung batas, kung paano gawin ‘yung trabaho sa Senado. Kung merong ganon, I’ll take that opportunity para matuto ako...  Magtawag-tawag ako kina Koko Pimentel… kung ano ba talaga ang trabaho ng senador.. what do I need to prepare para pagpasok ko… hindi na ito katawa-tawa.’

He was particularly slammed by netizens for this admission while others find it arrogant for him to announce that he does not know exactly what he is entering  into while landing on a very good spot.

To me, what he said should not be taken literally. And instead of interpreting his admission as a sign of arrogance, it is actually a display of humility on his part.

It should be noted that he had expressed willingness and interest in taking up seminars, trainings or what have you, just to learn whatever he can about his new would-be job. but others recalled that he has actual academic credentials to back him up. He had also stated that he would seek help from Senate geniuses, such as Senator ‘Koko’ Pimentel III.

His choice of mentor shows that he is serious about making it really good in the Senate. (By the way, congratulations to Sen. Pimentel for making it to the so-called ‘Magic 12’ although I am very disappointed that he did not top or at least landed in the top five.

No offense to the other winning senatorial candidates but among all of them, Sen. Pimentel is clearly the most qualified.  A Bar topnotcher who has crafted countless meaningful laws, Sen. Pimentel used to hold the post of Senate President and is currently the president of the ruling party, PDP-Laban.  He also has a public service record that is not tainted by any corruption or irregularity).

Those chiding Dela Rosa failed to look beyond his words and attacks him like he is someone who has no qualifications whatsoever.

In terms of qualifications for one to become a senator as expressly stated in Section 3, Article VI of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the only requirements are as follows:the individual must be a natural born citizen of the country; must be at least 35-years-old; has the ability to read and write and is a registered voter and a resident of the Philippines not less than two years before election day. That’s it.

Again, without meaning to offend other sitting or would-be senators, Dela Rosa is a candidate who is equipped with more qualifications than others.

Dela Rosa attended the Mindanao State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in public administration for three years but he transferred to the Philippine Military Academy in 1982; graduated with a bachelor’s degree in military science as part of PMA’s “Sinagtala” Class of 1986; pursued a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Southeastern Philippines and finished it in 1998 and earned a doctorate degree in development administration at the same university and graduated in 2006. And of course, we all know that he rose from the ranks at the Philippine National Police and became its head as well.

The netizens have probably forgotten that all  government officials, whether elected or appointed, never had a full grasp of what their jobs really are and only really learn along the way.  It’s just that nobody is as bold as Dela Rosa to admit it.

Some are also to proud to admit that they are not equipped with the full knowledge of the position they applied for, while others pretend to know but ultimately reveal themselves, albeit unitentionally.

We all pass through a stage in our lives when we are mere OJTs or not that knowledgeable about our new job. Every professional was a first-timer once, so I don’t know what the fuss about Dela Rosa is all about.

Oh, before anyone gets the wrong notion, I do not know Bato personally.

* * *

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