Why ‘culture of frugality’ needed in PNPTI

February 29, 2020

PHILIPPINE National Police Training Institute (PNPTI) director Major General Ramon L. Rafael widely believes that by developing a “culture of frugality”, students of different PNP training centers like the PNPTI and the majority of the police force will be able to resist being involved in corruption.

This is the very same reason why he wants the institutionalization of a “culture of frugality and prudence” among all their trainees nationwide in order to produce financially literate police officers who would be more resistant to different temptations and corruption once they are out there in the field.

The PNPTI produces about 20,000 graduates every year, all of them coming from the ranks of the Police Non-Commissioned Officers in the police force. At present, the PNPTI trains around 10,000 recruits every year and another 4,000 policemen taking the Junior Leadership Course and over 3,000 Staff and Technical Sergeants who are taking the Senior Leadership Course which is a requirement for promotion to the rank of Police Master Sergeant.

The PNPTI also trains around 1,000 students of the Officers’ Candidate Course every year.

“Before, we are only encouraging our recruits to save money but today, we are involving their families. Nowadays, it is the wives and children of the PNCOs taking junior and senior leadership courses who are teaching them, encouraging them to spend wisely,” Rafael told the Journal Group.

The member of Philippine Military Academy ‘Hinirang’ Class of 1987 also had the distinction of being the first PNPTI director to produce recruits who have saved around P130,000 to P150,000 at the end of their training.

His explanation is simple: a Patrolman undergoing the Public Safety Basic Recruit Course earns around P36,000 a month. If a trainee would only monthly spend around P4,500 of his training subsistence allowance; around P600 to P700 in laundry; around P200 for haircut; and around P1,000 for additional expenses including hygiene kits, he would only be spending around P6,000 each month and would be able to save some P30,000 for the next six months or about P180,000.

Rafael is also ensuring that only trained Patrolmen will be utilized in the field and office functions of law enforcement by enforcing the provision of the National Police Commission Memorandum Circular 2007-009 mandating the granting of leave of absence without pay to those who will not be able to finish the Public Safety Field Training Program within the prescribed period.

The official said he is pushing for the institutionalized reforms in the PNPTI since they would be the ones to be blamed if their recruits would turn out to be a ‘big failure.’

He is also seeing to it that they will effectively address cases of so-called “15-30” policemen in the regional training units.

The Chief PNP is also targeting that 80 percent of policemen would be BMI-compliant before he steps down in September.