Work from home

January 12, 2019

One way of solving our traffic problems is to lessen the number of vehicles in the streets by encouraging a work from home system.

With the power of the internet which is often used by those with vehicles, we should seriously start looking into this system.

Private corporations should look into this and work out a way of making the employee responsible via outputs and deliverables.

Many private corporations have started doing this work from home system since years ago.

Although I don’t have available statistics, we can always try doing this for a few months and see if it will work out. Or we can have staggered working hours wherein some employees can come in not during peak hours.

Work from home seems to really be an attractive alternative and can be assigned to long-time employees who are trustworthy and responsible.

Like I mentioned earlier, they can be gauged through their outputs. With so many apps now proliferating in the internet, there must be something out there that can be adaptable to a job of an employee like research, writing, proposals and the like. They can just report to the office for meetings or even have a teleconference via Viber or Facetime.

When I say to apply this to trustworthy employees, I mean those who are efficient and not lazy. Reporting via email anyway is already being done even while in the office so it should work if it is done from one’s home.

Less traffic will lead to a more productive workforce since the time it takes to travel from one’s home to the office will be shortened and less time and gasoline wasted.

And when one works from home, it can also increase the quality of family time and bonding. Sales pitches can be done from home. Look at how successful online shopping has become.

You can also see how the stress level will also be decreased tremendously. Is this system going to become a trend for 2019? Probably. But we should really experiment and see and assess its workability. By the way, the success of online shopping is increasing. The delivery of goods will also add more employment for messengerial services.

On another topic, we should also start saving on the use of water since the summer months are just around the corner and the el niño weather is nearing.

There might even be  rains and this early, I really encourage all to start ways of recycling precious water.

I have been advocating the recycling of water since way back and the situation is becoming serious. We should also start saving on electricity to help in power generation reserves. Times are really changing and for 2019, we will see how fast time flies, how we will experience extreme weather changes, and of course transportation needs will have to be answered for the sake of less private vehicles in our streets.

So how about looking into the above suggestions and really take action on these?