Worth observing

November 12, 2018

In Malaysia, I observed on a trip to the Northern part of the country where palm trees are grown in abundance, all throughout a car trip to the North of Kuala Lumpur.  I noticed that the mountains where the highway cut across the mountains had concrete canals that serve as steps like a stairway throughout the mountain ranges placed in slopes where heavy downpour of rain could traverse.

Maybe there is a need for us to study what those concrete steps winding in the mountains really are for.  To me, they seem to serve as canals for the heavy downpour of rains to flow down to the deep concrete canals on the side of the highway instead of the rainfall forcing its way down and forcing the ground to discharge the tremendous pressure of the heavy rain to seek its way down and causing landslides.  Those strategically local canals cum stairs to also enable the foresters to clean the dried leaves and branches that accumulate for a dirty mountain is a sure cause for wildfires.

So these cemented canals on the mountains serve two important purposes: one, to give the heavy rains a passage to go down to the deep canals by the highway guiding the path of the heavy volume of rainwater caused by heavy rainfall; and two, to enable the government department to prevent bush fires that lead to wildfires by going up the steps to clean the forests.

I don’t know about you, but I have not heard of a bush-fire or wild fires happening in Malaysia; nor landslides causing loss of lives and properties.

Calling the DPWH to send a team of engineers to Malaysia to observe and study this very important engineering marvel in Malaysia which can easily be implemented in the zigzag road in Baguio, Benguet, Ifugao and all over the country as well which are places that often suffer from terrible landslides cutting the roads and closing them.  If not for the Marcos Highway constructed during the time of President Marcos, Baguio will be an isolated city every heavy typhoons.

The danger that people suffer from landslides are immeasurable.  It’s time (long overdue) to resolve this problem.

Let us not forget Itogon, Natonin, Mountain Province, and many other places.


On the other part of the world, President Trump left Paris earlier than the other guests because of the bad weather, the helicopter he was supposed to use to go to the cemetery for those who died in World War I far away from Paris, President Trump’s security prohibited him to fly to the cemetery of the fallen in the First World War.  President Trump instead went to the American cemetery which was accessible by road not far from the city of Paris.

Another important reason why President Trump had to observe on television was the massacre in a bar in Thousand Oaks where 12 students were shot dead and many more wounded.  He had to know how it was going on.

To make matters worst was the wildfire raging in Northern and Southern California never seen before.  The damage and lives lost are rising.  To think that Thousand Oaks was also hit and burial services could not be held for the victims of the mass shooting by a derange man in a bar famous for students of Pepperdine University.

Great tragedies indeed.  President Trump who loves his people and country agonized as to whether to proceed or not with all the pompous celebrations in France or to go back to his country and attend to his poor, suffering people.  To him it’s a national tragedy of the worst kind, considering that its almost Christmas time.

Many are saying, these bush fires and wildfires of grand scale is a form of terrorism.  I agree.  It’s one after another.  Those illegal immigrants who managed to sneak in to America during the past regime who welcomed them all must have something to do with these very damaging wildfires to convert them into farmlands instead of beautiful forest lands which gives healthy air and good clean air.  The illegal immigrants need more farm lands to work on as tomato pickers or what not.  Or it’s a simple way of destroying California where most of them are.

They are out to destroy California for not allowing them to cross the border; and they should not be allowed without proper entry and psychological and health tests.  It seems all the nutty people of Central America and South America are the ones making their way into the U.S. for some reason or another.

President Trump is right in stopping the deluge of unknown characters through the back doctors.  As President said: Go through the proper way of applying, the official way.

America will soon be the cesspool of bad people someday as it is being felt now.  America they say is the land of the free – for its legitimate citizens who follow the law, NOT for goons from elsewhere.

“A country without border is not a country” as I heard a very responsible American say sometime ago.
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