Entertaining, endearing movies on Sunday

August 01, 2020
Mr. Bean and Nova Villa

GMA’S Sunday Marathon will entertain viewers this weekend with two movies that will make them laugh their hearts out. First is the rollicking comedy called “Bean” which stars, who else but the irrepressible Mr. Bean himself, also known as Rowan Atkinson.

The movie will show Mr. Bean as a clumsy security guard in London who gets into his most hilarious mishap when he travels to America. His mission is to bring in a highly valuable painting to a Los Angeles museum. This results in a series of ribtickling misadventures as he ventures in his first trip to the U.S.A. and messes up everything and everyone along his way.

Meanwhile, hopeless romantics are in for a treat in the romantic comedy drama film "1st Ko Si 3rd” on GMA Blockbusters. The movie revolves around a simple yet unconventional love story.

Corazon (Nova Villa) is a recently retired government employee who is married to Dante Rivero. She feels bored with her husband and her life lights up again when she accidentally crosses paths with her first love as a teenager, Third (Freddie Webb, played by Ken Chan as a young man).

The several decades of their being separated from each other suddenly disappear when they are reunited. Will Nova eventually leave Dante and return to her first love, Freddie?

Tune in this Sunday on “Kapuso Movie Festival” after the lifestyle show “Taste Buddies” and “GMA Blockbusters” after “Dear Uge”, only on GMA-7.