Freestyle@2018: Sound fusion of an iconic past, new styles, better flavors

August 06, 2018

THEY say change is good, and Freestyle has been a tremendous testament to that.

After two decades, a swap of band members and an evolution of sound, Freestyle continues to thrive and is not close to done yet. An undoubtable presence in the local music scene, the band breathes an air of artistry, resilience and youthful maturity built over the years.

Band manager Celeste Pacana of 1Entertainment, Inc. attributes this to the band’s unrelenting high spirits. When asked about the challenges Freestyle’s had to face, such as the departure of past singers, she says the band “did it with great optimism.”

But it’s not always out with the old, in with the new. Founding members Gerd Banzon, who plays the drums and Tat Suzara who is lead guitarist and back-up vocalist, are still letting the music play. They do this, of course, with undeniable dynamic and other newer members: Joshua Desiderio and Mike Luis on vocals and keyboards, Rommel de la Cruz on bass guitar and Ava Santos as the sole female vocalist.

Now, Freestyle consistently pays homage to its iconic past, all while ushering in new styles and flavors to their sound. For instance, Ava holds her own with Freestyle’s original hits such as “So Slow; Joshua breaks and melts hearts with his rendition of “Half Crazy”, and Mike brings everyone on their feet with his infectious Michael Jackson covers. More recently, Freestyle has released an independent album, “Mga Kuwentong Kinanta”, fully embracing all the changes and exploring their own diverse musical sensibilities.

Freestyle knows how to “keep working hard despite new responsibilities” and is conscientious about the fast-growing local music scene. On August 17, 2018, they take on a new challenge by incorporating a 3 piece blowing section in their act. They have rearranged some of their hits such as;This time/Til I Found You, So Slow, Before I let you Go, Half Crazy, plus many others including their newest single soon to be released under Warner Music entitled GIRLFRIEND.

Catch Freestyle at their Horny Sessions on August 17, 2018 at the Upperhouse, 2nd Floor, The Brewery, The Palace, BGC. For reservations or other information, please call 0917 507 3442.