Movies about pandemics

March 19, 2020

HERE are movies about pandemics: 

“PANIC IN THE STREETS” (1950) -- Directed by the Oscar-winning Elia Kazan, this stars Richard Widmark as a doctor with the US public health services who finds a dead man in the docks of New Orleans suspected of carrying a bacteria that might cause pneumonic plague. He has to race against time to save the city while trying his best to convince city officials who doubt him. This is the first movie of the late Jack Palance, who played a friend of the victim that prompted the  investigation.

“DAYBREAKERS” (2009) -- This is a science-fiction futuristic film where an infected bat caused a virus that turned most humans into vampires who now run the world. True, uninfected humans have become rare and they are coveted by the vampires who thirst for human blood. Vampires do research to find a synthetic substitute for human blood, led by vampire hematologist Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), whose work is thwarted by human survivors led by Elvis (Willem Dafoe), who finds a cure that can save the human species.  

“CARRIERS” (2009)  -- A post-apocalyptic film where two brothers, Chris Pine and Lou Pucci, along with their friends Piper Perabo and Emily VanCamp, play susvivors of a viral pandemic and their efforts to survive and avoid infection. They travel to a secluded beach hotel hoping to find sanctuary, but they encounter other infected people. The brothers try their best to save each other, until one of them gets infected.