Alden's movie pushed to win as Michael V's project gets good reviews

July 19, 2019
Alden Richards

ALDEN Richards is so lucky that Star Cinema got him to be paired with Kathryn Bernardo in “Hello, Love, Goodbye”. We can feel that it is now one of the year’s most awaited projects because even friends and relatives who are not really that interested in local showbusiness are asking us about it and said they want to watch it.

Alden is so popular among our young actors today and after “Victor Magtanggol”, he really needs to do a good project for the big screen, but GMA Films is not that active in movie production now. But his next teleserye for GMA is now in production, tentatively titled “The Gift”, with Alden playing a character that has been given the special gift of a third eye that enables him to see paranormal phenomena. They’re now looking for his possible co-stars in the show.

We’re not surprised that GMA is really helping push Alden’s “Hello, Love, Goodbye” as he is their prime property. GMA executives and crew members were even there during the presscon at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theatre to show their support for him and the project.

Someone even quipped na “grabe ang suporta ng GMA sa Star Cinema gayong their own movie, ‘Family History’, is opening just a week before it at tiyak masasapawan ng movie ni Alden in its second week of showing.”

But we’re glad that 'Family History' has been graded B by the Cinema Evaluation Board. The reviews made by the board members are very encouraging, like saying it’s "an effective film sensitively directed by Michael V with a very unexpected and wonderful turn of events that makes the story so heartwarming."

They added that it’s “a credible family drama with the unique Michael V touches of comedy," "the characters are well delineated and the dialogue was natural." "Michael shows his versatility while Dawn was constantly convincing." “Nice to see that not everything has to be a rom-com for millennials." "Michael V shows great potential as a director." "It touches family relations from different angles. A must see for everyone."

Let’s all pray that all these positive comments about the movie will help drum up more public interest in it and make it a box office hit when it opens on Wednesday, July 24.