Brouhaha on the Sarah-Matteo wedding

February 21, 2020
Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo

SO it's true. The Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli wedding did take place on Thursday night. But it’s not the grand wedding envisioned by their so called AshMatt fans, but a very simple, exclusive civil rites held in a hotel in BGC.

Obviously, the wedding was a hush hush affair as not even Sarah’s parents knew about it. But a personal security assigned to Sarah informed her Mommy Divine about the civil wedding that is about to take place and she came to the affair reportedly to talk to Sarah before the ceremony took place.

It’s common knowledge that Sarah’s parents are against Matteo (and all the other actors linked to her before) and maybe she wants to convince Sarah not to push through with the wedding, which was without hers and Sarah’s dad’s blessings.

Matteo is said to be so peeved with the gossipy personal security of Sarah that he punched the guy who then had it blottered at the Taguig Police Station. Aside from the civil wedding, Sarah and Matteo are scheduled to have a bigger ceremeny in his dad’s hometown in Italy sometime next month, and Sarah’s parents said they will not attend.

As for most folks, though, it’s about time her parents let go of Sarah as she has served their family for so long. She got them their own house and lot and she was able to send her siblings to college, even abroad.

As one netizen says: “Sobrang napakinabangan na naman nila si Sarah, so pakawalan nila para she can pursue her own happiness. After all, Matteo is a such a good catch, mabait, well bred, comes from a good family, has his own businesses and very talented pa. Actually, wala na naman silang magagawa kasi she’s already 31, sobra-sobra na sa legal age, and she can now make decisions of her own without consulting them.”