Cong. Vi busy on social media: Updated

October 11, 2018
Vilma Santos
Vilma Santos

GOOD to know that Lipa Congresswoman Vilma Santos-Recto is now quite active on Instagram. And what do you know? She has not just one but two accounts which really make her quite busy.

She now updates everything that's happening around her, and she keeps tab of the important things in public service. Cong. Vi admits she only has a handful of followers when she started, but now, they're coming in from everywhere.

When asked if she is doing a movie soon, she said in time as she's still waiting for a project that she cannot refuse. Undoubtedly, she is still popular as an actress but as a politician, she also has proven her worth. Her constituents have so much trust in her as she has never been accused of corruption. Siguro, kung meron man, mga imbento lang ng mga gustong kumalaban sa kanya.

Cong. Vi still finds satisfaction in being an actress. She started in showbiz and she owes a lot to her fans. There is always payback time for everything. Hangga't kaya pa, she will find time to go back to acting.