Cristine wants to try new things after breaking up with husband

March 23, 2019
Cristine Reyes
Cristine Reyes

CRISTINE Reyes has a new movie, “Maria”, where she plays an ass-kicking heroine out to avenge the murder of her husband and daughter, and she has a new TV drama, “Nang Ngumiti ang Langit”, where she plays a contravida role as the cruel aunt of new child star Sophia Reola. Folks are now wondering why she accepted such a villain role?

“Actually, ako mismo ang nag-request nito sa ABS-CBN Business Unit Head na si Ruel Bayani ng RSB Drama Unit,” she says. “Kasi lagi na lang akong naaapi, just like sa last soap kong ‘Tubig at Langis’, so sabi ko kay RSB, sa susunod, gusto  kong mag-try ng ibang klase role naman. Something new. Alam ko, maraming magagalit sa’kin dito dahil sa pang-aapi ko kay Sophia Reola as Mikmik, but okay lang basta maayos kong magampanan ang role ko. Even my own daughter, si Amarah, nang makita 'yung eksenang tinapak-tapakan ko 'yung halamang tanim ni Mikmik, sabi sa’kin, why are you so mean to her? So I had to explain to her that I was just playing a role, uma-acting lang ako at hindi totoong inaapi ko si Sophia. So, naintindihan naman niya.”

In the story, she plays Katrina, the wife of Rafa Siguion Reyna as Erik, who died and they accused RK Bagatsing to be the killer. RK is married to Kaye Abad as Ella, the mom of Mikmik who later had terminal illness so Mikmik is given to the family of Pilar Pilapil as Divina, the mother of Rafa and this gives Cristine the chance to vent on her anger on Mikmik for the death of her husband. In real life, Cristine says she will never hurt a child.

“Ingat na ingat ako sa mga eksena namin ni Sophia Reola kasi I want to make sure na hindi ko siya masaktan,” she says. “My role here is the exact opposite of my role in ‘Maria’ as the protective mom of my daughter na pinatay naman ng mga kaaway ko kaya ipinaghiganti ko siya. Diyan, maraming eksena ng bugbugan na nagkakasakitan kami talaga ng mga kalaban ko, which includes Ivan Padilla, my former lover na naging mortal enemy ko, at sina Jennifer Lee and Cindy Miranda as female assassins who worked for him. Walang daya ang fight scenes and stunts namin diyan. Kami talaga ang gumawa.”

About her personal life, Cristine has admitted in a TV show that she and husband Ali Kathibi (they were married in 2016) have really separated, but they remain civil with each other for the sake of their daughter Amarah. She doesn’t really have to hide the real score anymore because earlier, her older sister Ara Mina, has confessed that Cristine and Ali have already called it quits. In effect, Cristine said that their marriage ended because she is not happy anymore.

“Nang Ngumiti ang Langit” opens this Monday before “Showtime” while the movie “Maria” opens on Wednesday in theaters nationwide. We’ve seen “Maria” at its special screening at the UP Film Institute and you’d really admire Cristine for her dedication and determination to portray her role as an action heroine convincingly.