Diego visible again, bonds with half-sisters 

July 29, 2020
Diego Loyzaga

IS Diego Loyzaga about to make a comeback? He’s making himself visible again. A few days ago, he had his pictures with his half sisters posted on social media. The photos show him with the daughters of Sunshine Cruz: Angelina, Sam and Chesca. 

He and his mom, Teresa Loyzaga, visited Sunshine and daughters in their Paranaque home. He also met Sunshine’s current squeeze, Macky Mathay. Sunshine has always said that Diego has a good relationship with them and even before, he really visits them from time to time to bond, so they’re quite close. 

Diego is looking good in the pictures. No trace of the depression and his alleged suicide attempt that caused him to leave the cast of “Los Bastardos” which he was doing then. Well, we really hope and pray that he has truly recovered from whatever setbacks he had in his life and has totally exorcised all the ghosts in his past. 

Diego deserves a second chance in showbiz. He has the height, the good physique and he has also shown that he can act convincingly, which should not be surprising since his parents, Teresa and Cesar Montano, are both reliable actors. Maybe, after the pandemic, he can be given new acting roles on TV or the movies.