Dingdong, ginupitan si Ziggy ... aktor, emosyonal ang b-day greeting sa anak

April 16, 2020
Dingdong Dantes & baby Ziggy

KUNG si Marian Rivera, ginupitan ang asawang si Dingdong Dantes, si Dingdong naman, ang unang gumupit sa buhok ng baby boy nilang si Ziggy na nag-celebrate ng first birthday April 16.

Sabi ni Dingdong, “For his birthday, i gave him... a haircut! #SIXTOsFirst” at may mahaba pa siyang birthday message sa anak.

Post ni Dingdong: “Dear Son,

“It is day 33 for us here on lockdown and day 365 for you on Earth. Normally, we would gather all our relatives and friends to celebrate this special day with you, just like how your mother and I had done it when we reached the same milestone.

“Though as toddlers, we never really remembered anything — thanks to the pictures that reminded us how we are loved by the people around us.

“But today, it’s just going to be us, Buddy — you, me, your Mother, your Ate Z, Ate Cecile, Ate Glenda and Kuya Emerson.

“But please know that there are many people like your cousins, grandparents, godparents and relatives who wish to see you and be with you today, probably to give a gift, a cake, or a simple tight warm hug. But not now... maybe when this is all over. When? I really don’t know, son.

“To be honest with you, i fear the day that you would be marching towards this new world, this new normal, that we had created for your generation. What’s happening now is a clear manifestation of our actions and inactions — and we are reaping its effects which could benefit a few, but most... just hard learnings about humanity, the planet and spirituality.

“But i guess as parents , that’s what we are here for. We are here to prepare you for that jungle out there.

“Though there is fear, it is also you (and your sister) who give me courage to carry on and strive to make this world a sustainable place to live in. You give me the drive to make me want to be a better version of myself.

“And so, in as much as it should be you who should receive gifts, please know that you are the gift for us- a living reminded that we should get our acts together and ensure that when time comes, you can freely walk the streets, breathe all the air that you want, play ball with your friends even at close distance, ride a bike, and return the hug to all your well-wishers today.

“This picture will always be my reminder that in times of fear and uncertainty, i had found hope-through you.

“Happy first birthday, Sixto.




“PS. I hope you like your haircut. Don’t worry when the time comes, you can cut mine too!”