Direk Ricky compares Sanya with Vilma

June 09, 2019
Sanya Lopez

SANYA Lopez won as best new actress in the Star Awards and she truly deserves it. She was really good in her very first movie, “Wild and Free”, playing the role of an independent-minded lady Grab driver who had a relationship with two guys she didn’t know are actually half brothers, played by Derrick Monasterio and Juancho Trivino. She even had daring torrid love scenes with both of them.

Now, Sanya displays once again her dramatic prowess in the hit afternoon soap, “Dahil sa Pag-ibig”, as the wife of Benjamin Alves who had a one-night stand with her former boyfriend, Pancho Magno. The latest twist in the show is that Sanya as Mariel is pregnant. Benjamin as Eldon has returned from Saudi only a month ago, but the baby she’s carrying in her womb is already five weeks old. This means that the real dad can be Pancho as Gary, whose ex-girlfriend, Kelley Day, is trying her very best to win him back.

Sanya shines in all her dramatic confrontation scenes, especially after her husband becomes unreasonably jealous and stalks her all the time. No less than the show’s director, Ricky Davao, praises her to high heavens for her impressive performance in the lead role.

“Nagulat ako kasi first time ko to work with her and she’s really good,” says Ricky. “She reminds me of the young Vilma Santos kasi, gaya ni Ate Vi noong araw, she doesn’t mind doing sexy scenes at magaling talaga sa drama.”

This compliment from their director should inspire Sanya and encourage her all the more to give her best in “Dahil sa Pag-ibig”.