Drew amazed at wife Iya

August 08, 2020
Iya Villania and Drew Arellano

DREW Arellano says his wife Iya Villania never ceases to amaze him. 

“She’s the only new mom I know that right after deliverying a baby, parang hindi nanganak at all,” he says. “She quickly regains her strength, back to work na agad and quickly regains her old shapely figure. And on top of that, she’s really an amazing hands-on mother to our three kids. We feel so blessed kasi may baby girl na kami ngayon, after having two healthy boys.”

Drew is also very proud that his award-winning infotainment show, “AHA!”, now shows fresh new episodes and is now also fully animated! The educational virtual learning studio that “AHA!” is has a new mascot, A! Robot, Drew’s new techie BFF. 

“Not only that, may special guests pa kasi this Sunday to help us out in our various segments, the beauteous and sexy Sanya Lopez and Jelai Andres,” Drew proudly announces. “So saan pa kayo this Sunday morning?  Be entertained and also acquire new learnings in ‘AHA!’ at 8:15 AM.”

Right after “AHA!” comes another new episode of “Born to be Wild”. Doc Ferdz Recio shows how the extended lockdown affected the dogs in our community. He observes that there are many more stray dogs now roaming around the city and they can be carriers of the virus. In turn, Doc Nielsen will show how animals in the wild are affected by all that’s happening in our environment and have changed their food-gathering activities.