Ellen attends seminar in Indonesia on total detox,  mental training

March 19, 2020
Ellen Adarna

ELLEN Adarna just came from a seminar on total detox and mental training in Bali, Indonesia where she stayed for two weeks all alone, without contacting the outside world. 

She says she felt the need to do it because she has depression and became mentally and emotionally weak. She did meditation and several exercises that required her to get in touch with her inner self.

She later posted her reason for this in her social media account: “To everyone asking, I did mental training coz I was stuck in this black hole for almost three years. My anti-depressants didn’t do me any good, it made me immobile and numb. I was getting weaker mentally and emotionally -- something had to be done. I can now finally say, after 3 years of struggling... I am no longer a prisoner in my own mind. Ahhhh!!! Freedom we meet again!”

It will be recalled that these past three years, she shacked it up with John Lloyd Cruz in Cebu. 

She now implies that those three years were hell for her and she felt like living in a black hole. 

Wonder how JLC now feels about this. To think that JLC gave up his career to be with her and they had a son named Elias. 

How fast the cookie crumbled. But even then, several quarters were already predicting that “hindi naman magtatagal ang mga yan.” 

Ellen has had several past boyfriends, including cager JC Intal (now married to TV host Bianca Gonzalez), businessman Filo Gueco (with whom she joined GMA’s “Survivor Philippines”), nonshowbiz guy Raul Olbes, Raymond Romualdez (son of Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez) and presidential son Baste Duterte.

JLC, in turn, is also notorious for having his own string of several showbiz girlfriends, among them Ciara Sotto, Kaye Abad, stylist Liz Uy, Ruffa Gutierrez, Shaina Magdayao and Angelica Panganiban. Some of them felt bitter and devastated after he dumped them. Obviously, his motto is “love them and leave them.”

In other words, the history of both Ellen and John Lloyd in being in a relationship with anyone has always been precarious and they’re both veterans of failed relationships. It’s apparent that they’re just not the type who can hold on and stick to just one partner. 

And so, c’est la vie! Life goes on and on to the next conquest. 

Meantime, here’s praying that their son will have a normal happy childhood despite what happened to his parents.