Eugene acts again

March 14, 2020
Eugene Domingo

EUGENE Domingo has started acting again in her own show, “Dear Uge (Uge stands for Urbana Genoveva Esperanza), which she used to just regularly host. Her recent episode “Mga Babaeng Pinagpala”, with Kris Bernal and Ashley Rivera, was a big hit with audiences. 

They played three women who are rivals over the same man, Boom Labrusca, with Uge as the legal wife. The episode rated very high and  televiewers generously praised the effective acting of everyone in the cast. After that, Uge starred in the episode “Viral Maging Judgmental” where she and Kisses Delavin play warring sisters and it was another winner in the ratings game.

Now, Eugene does another acting role in the episode “Wish Me Love” that will be shown this afternoon. Eugene plays a dying woman who is sadly diagnosed with cancer of the colon. It’s already on stage 4 and with her sure of dying in a couple of months, she now tries to search for a lost loved one, played by John Estrada. He is the TOTGA in her life, The One That Got Away. Would she still be able to find him? And if she would, is he still available or has he found someone else? Find out the answer in this afternoon’s touching and inspiring episode about love and life of “Dear Uge”, to be shown right after “All Out Sundays” on GMA-7.  

In real life, it is common knowledge that Eugene has already found her special someone in Italian writer Danilo Bottoni, with whom she’s carrying a successful long distance love affair for four years now. Some folks say they’re actually already married, but she has yet to confirm this.