Gretchen vs Marjorie feud continues and worsens

October 21, 2019
Gretchen Barretto & Marjorie Barretto

THE continuing saga of the feuding Barrettos remains to be the favorite topic of the gossip-hungry public. Take note that none of them have flourishing careers in showbiz right now, but at least, they’re active in social media dahil sa walang katapusang sagutan at patutsadahan nila sa isa’t isa. They can do it privately but they choose to do it all in public. Talbog sina Kris Aquino and Falcis brothers who have since then already buried the proverbial hatchet (thank God not on each other’s backs.)

Julia Barretto won’t be left out by her mom and titas and continues to make her presence felt with her latest post: “Dearest Mom, we are all behind you. Your whole family is behind you. Stand tall and be still because the truth is with you. They are trying to destroy you, because you live a good life with 5 strong successful well raised children, a family that loves you so much, a peaceful quiet life.

“You are so loved by many mom that’s why they envy you. They want to destroy your peace, your happiness and you. Dont worry. Everyone is behind you. We will all not let that happen. The evil will never prevail. God is watching. He knows mom, He knows. God will protect you. You need only to be still.

“Your WHOLE FAMILY, will stand by you. Your are the most sane mommy. They know who and who not to believe. Be strong. EVERYONE IS FOR YOU. Usually talaga kung sino ang nananahimik at tunay na masaya, siya pa ang tinatamaan. Many are fighting for you mom. Hindi ka nagiisa. Marami kami nasa likod mo lang.”

As maybe expected, Gretchen will not be left behind and quickly replies: “This is for @juliabarretto. The most dangerous liars are those who think they are telling the truth. First know you are a Baldivia. Love your father. Not only when you need him for publicity.

“Respect those who gave you a good life. Only then can say that you are successful. This is hilarious @juliabarretto Baldivia. Your version of the truth!”

Meantime, Nicole Barretto, the daughter of Gretchen’s brother JJ, has joined the fray, after it was reported that she was the one who attacked Gretchen.

She wrote in her own account: “I did not attack her. She and her boyfriend attacked my aunt (Marjorie) and I carried her to the other side so that she won’t hurt tita Marj.

“She kicked me countless of times and even after I got away and was about to exit the chapel, she sprinted to me and pulled my hair so hard I almost fell to the floor. If somebody did not catch me, my skull would’ve been broken.

“Plenty of people witnessed it. I had my arms in the air to show I wasn’t doing anything to her.  It’s just unfair that they control the media and twists the facts.

“I do not regret protecting my Tita Marj. If I intended to hurt “tita” Gretchen, I could’ve thrown a punch. But I did not. I simply carried her.”

But naturally, Gretchen has her own say: “I was told by Atong ‘nilako si Nicole sa akin ng nanay niya’. Oh, I’m sorry. I was told that Nicole stole Atong from her aunt Claudine.” It’s said Nicole was then sent to the U.S.A.

Nicole retorts: “I just want to inform you that I wasn’t thrown to the States. I was there to move on from what Gretchen and Atong did to me. I’m stating the fact that my own aunt stole my boyfriend. The next travels to the states was for my education. Since I do have an education and finished a doctorate degree. Just so you know. Thank you po”.

Meantime, Atong Ang issues his own statement through a newscast and denies the allegations of Nicole: "Tungkol kay Nicole, mga four to 11 years ago ay nagkakasama kami nang mommy niya. Kung ano man ang relationship namin, walang kinalaman si Gretchen.

"Si Gretchen kasosyo ko sa casino at saka sa sabong. Si Tonyboy Cojuangco, kasama ko rin sa casino. May junket ako sa mga casino, si Tony kasosyo ko sa Okada. Kung nagkahiwalay kami nila Nicole walang kinalaman si Gretchen.

"Ang relasyon namin ni Nicole, parang taga asikaso ng mga flights ko and schedule ko noon. Iyong relasyon kay Claudine, ako ang nag-ayos nang nagkaproblema sila ng anak ni Mayor Martin Castro --'yun lang ang naging relasyon namin.

"Si Nicole, pinag-aral ko 'yan, ang nagtrabaho sa akin yung nanay niya.  Si Gretchen malapit siya sa asawa ko.”

We’re sure this will not be the end of it. And so, the Barretto family saga continues. The public will continue