Happy occasion for sue

June 07, 2019
Sue Ramirez

SUE Ramirez confesses she cried when she saw her first billboard adorning EDSA. This is for Belo Medical Group’s anti-aging Thermage FLX machine, the first in the country.

“They’re tears of joy!” she says. “Kasi matagal ko na talagang pangarap na magkaroon ng sarili kong billboard at si Dr. Vicki Belo ang dahilan kaya natupad ang pangarap kong ito. Thank you very much po.”

Sue says the anti-aging Thermage FLX is perfect for young people who want to maintain their youthful looks.

“It’s painless, non-invasive, and there’s absolutely no down-time. It works wonders for my greatest insecurity, my double chin.  I’ve also always been teased  for my having a ‘siopao face.’  But after trying Thermage FLX, I saw the effects immediately. I know its going to be even better in the coming months.”

It was a happy occasion when the partnership of Sue and Belo was celebrated recently at the launch of her billboard at Las Casas Filipinas in