Heart receives heartwarming letter from stepchildren

Heart Evangelista

HEART Evangelista gets to stage a fashion show right inside her own home while we’re on corona lockdown. It’s a flashy one-woman show as she’s the only model and she gets to display various fabulous outfits, hairstyle and different pairs of expensive shoes.

The fashion video is very well edited as it shows a brisk montage of Heart sashaying in front of the camera, quickly changing from one outfit to the next and in various locations around her house, from her walk-in closet to the staircase, living room, etc. 

We find it very entertaining so, kudos to Heart in her sincere desire to amuse all her followers. She says this is part of her efforts to cope with boredom during the lockdown and to combat anxiety attacks. She adds that she herself directed and edited the fashion show where she’s the one and only star model.

She later wrote in her social media account: “Personally, getting all glammed up really lifts my mood. I believe that when you look good, you’ll feel good, too! It definitely brightens my day when I get creative and play dress up to create content. Here I am enjoying dressing up and dancing with different looks and hairstyles with the help of @aguilarjeck (her make up artist).”

As of this writing, Heart is still far away from hubby Chiz Escudero who’s staying in Sorsogon, where he’s the incumbent governor, to be with his consituents during the lockdown. But the twin kids of Chiz from his first marriage are staying with Heart, Chino and Chesi. 

And they’re all in good terms. During the recent celebration of Mother’s Day, Heart was so touched when they prepared a special lunch for her and gave her a card with this accompanying message that Heart shared in her social media account. It says:

“Dear Tita Heart,

“Happy, happy Mother’s Day! I hope you have a good day to day. Unfortunately, this year’s Mother’s Day is on a lockdown and sadly we are still going through Casper’s passing (their dog) but eventually, we have to move on and stay strong for each other especially while in this lckdown situation.

“Thank you for always being here for us and being our mother figure while quarantine goes on and we don’t see Daddy and our mom everyday.

“Us spending time here at home together has shown me and ate your love for daddy, for us, for our dogs, for all who are within the house, and your fellow Filipinos. We appreciate your love and effort to care for us and daddy. We love you very much.”

This is truly very flattering for Heart and it is the best compliment any concerned and caring stepmother can get from her stepchildren.