How Floyd becomes Belofied

April 09, 2019

BOXING champ Floyd Mayweather went to the Belo Medical Clinic in Makati and looked specifically for Dr. Vicki Belo to have a Thermage FLX, the latest procedure in the clinic. He underwent the new Thermage FLX, the new version of the popular skin tightening machine. After his visit and consultation with the top Beauty doctor Dr. Belo, they proceeded to the New World Hotel in Makati where they held a quick press conference to tell people about their new partnership.

Dr. Belo says her fondness for the boxing champ began a year ago when she saw him at a mall and no one was being allowed to get near him for a photo. He opened his car window and motioned to Dr. Belo to come and have a photo with him. The champ had no idea who she was but he was super nice. Fast forward to today, Floyd gets Belofied.

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