Howie wants to share ordeal with COVID-10

April 17, 2020
Howie Severino

I-WITNESS host and documentarist Howie Severino came out to admit he was a victim of the dreaded COVID 19 pandemic. In an article at the GMA website that he himself wrote, he chronicled his experiences as Patient 2828.

He battled with the corona virus for more than a week and he was honest to confess that there were times he started feeling to lose hope that he’d still recover. His family and friends cannot even visit him in person because of the danger they might also face in the hospital.

“But thanks to modern technology, I was still able to communicate with them through video calls and face time,” he says. “They gave me words of encouragement and inspiration to continue to fight and not lose the battle. With their help, and God’s help, and also with the help of all the doctors, nurses and health workers who stood by me, I’m so happy to report that I was able to lick the virus and came out the winner. I can now proudly say that I survived the virus.”

He believes it is now his mission, along with other survivors, to share what they went through and encourage other people, and also to remove the stigma of being a COVID 19 patient. We’re sure that one of these days, Howie will make a documentary out of his personal experience and also about the entire pandemic experience that we are still currently going through.