Iñigo purges IG account, gives first dibs on US trip

June 10, 2019
Iñigo Pascual

FANS can’t help but notice the sudden change in Inigo Pascual’s Instagram account. A large number of his previous posts have been purged. Photos of his events and other happenings have been deleted and replaced by multiple posts of flowers.

Meanwhile, his recent IG stories and posts revealed that the multi-talented artist is currently traveling the United States, popping in on several online and radio guesting.

The 21-year old pop star also recently did a show with fellow Tarsier Records’ artist Kiana Valenciano for international media network Viacom’s #AsianPacificAmericanHeritageMonth held in New York.  

Both are also featured in “The Crossover,” coming soon on MyxTV, in which they talk about immersing into the local culture to understand how music can be universal and meaningful.

Iñigo also guested on podcast The Lunch Table, YouTube entertainment news channel Holly Wire, and radio stations 99.7 NOW, Kiss FM, and Power 106. Now we can’t help but wonder—what’s up his sleeve?

The rising performer is only one of the local artists who is slowly breaking into the international music scene as ABS-CBN continues to champion Filipino talent on the world stage.

Last month, he released his “Mr. Nice Guy” music video, a collaboration with Australian YouTube superstar, Wengie.