James, binati si Bimby ng happy birthday

April 20, 2020
James Yup

NASA Puerto Galera pa nga si Kris Aquino at ang mga anak na sina Josh at Bimby at doon na rin sila nag-celebrate ng 13th birthday ng huli.

Hindi natupad ang prayers na makabalik sila ng Manila at sa bahay sila mag-celebrate ng birthday si Bimby.

Sa post ni Kris, may dalawang birthday cakes si Bimby at nagluto siya ng baked spaghetti.

May nakita pa kaming barbecue sa table at iba pang food.

Post ni Kris: “My bunso is no longer my baby, he’s now officially a TEENAGER. Happy 13th birthday Bimb... THANK YOU to God, Our Father — He makes it possible for the 3 of us to LOVE each other unconditionally, trying to do so with hour & laughter, regardless of the trials & tears i wish i could have shielded my 2 from... we understand, appreciate & support our small family unit... and we remain grateful for blessings big & small.

“I haven’t posted much recently — but i had to share a video of Bimb on his birthday w/ all of you... And this was my chance to say i always try my best to be a good mom, BUT apart from my mom, nobody has ever loved & believed in me, in my imperfect totality the way my bunso does... My 2 sons are living proof — i continue to be blessed far more than a person deserves to be.

“i prepared the baked spaghetti & because i improvised, i have a new cheese sauce recipe i added to the meat sauce that i can share w/ all of you when we’re back in our home’s kitchen; Check made the barbecue, Ate Loida helped us order Bimb’s gelato birthday cake & she gave the cheese & cold cuts platter, and the staff here @sunset.aninuan brought in the carrot cake... we flew here from Boracay where we had a shoot for @theauhanaboracay more than 5 weeks ago, just the 3 of us, not realizing we’d reach bimb’s birthday, because had i only known... BUT we’ve been so affectionately cared for by @checkticsay, nurse @mizahlopez, and Randy AND this experience has only brought the 3 of us closer.

“this post would be incomplete without a birthday greeting for the other special person i also love & celebrate today, @chinitaprincess...family.”

Thirteen lang si Bimby, pero six footer na at kung totoong hanggang 21 years old ang pagtangkad ng mga lalaki, tatangkad pa nang husto ang bunso niKris.

Hindi rin nakalimutan ni James Yap na batiin si Bimby.

Nag-post siya ng photos nilang dalawa noong bata pa ang anak at may caption na, “Happy Happy 13th Birthday Bimb! May God continue to bless you with many more years of health and life... I love you son! #officiallyteenager  #04192007.”