Jane enjoys great chemistry with Jerome: TOTGA?

Jane Oineza & Jerome Ponce

IT’s understandable for Jane Oineza and Jerome Ponce to be feeling nervous as their first movie together, Regal’s “Finding You”, opens in theaters nationwide today and it’s up against two other local films, “Quezon’s Game” and “Banal”. “At least, iba-ibang genre sila,” says Jane. “At 'yung sa amin lang ang romantic-comedy.”

Both Jane and Jerome are Kapamilya stars and they want to thank ABS-CBN for lending them to Regal. They were first paired in the soap “Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita” and they’ve maintained their friendship since then. They were never romantically linked with each other. Jerome is currently on with volleyball player Mika Reyes. Jane went steady for a while with PBB Housemate Kyle Secades but they’ve since called it quits.

“I realized it much better to focus muna on my career,” says Jane. “Maayos naman ang naging break up namin. Now, I’m not even dating anyone. But I’m single and happy. Hindi naman ako naghahanap kasi I have more time for myself and my family. Mas magaan at mas masarap magtrabaho. I realized may tamang panahon para sa lovelife and for me, as of now, it’s not a priority.”

Will she describe Jerome as the one that got away (TOTGA)? “Ay, may ganun? We’re okay naman as friends and co-workers dito sa movie namin. But Jerome is sweet, thoughtful. Magaling pang artista. Masuwerte 'yung girlfriend niya sa kanya.”

What about Jerome? What can he say about Jane? “I’m glad we’ve maintained our friendship dahil masaya siyang katrabaho. Nagkukuwentuhan kami lagi sa set. We’re so happy to work together in ‘Finding You’ kasi ang ganda ng material about childhood friends na nagkaroon ng mga ibang karelasyon and later also find each other. Maganda raw ang chemistry namin on screen so I’m really thankful to Regal for giving us the chance to be together in this movie.”


MEANWHILE in 'Finding You,' Jerome Ponce plays the role of Nel, a writer who is afflicted with a rare conditon called hyperthymesia, which makes him remember every single detail in his past, the opposite of amnesia. Jane plays Kit, his best friend who migrated to the States but is now back in town to get married to someone else. Can Jerome relate to his role as Nel?

“In a way, yes, because I really remember many important details in my life. One of the most unforgettable things I did is when I left home when I was about 17. I decided to live on my own, much to the distress of my dad (former Viva actor Jessie Delgado). Dun nga ako napasok sa showbiz and became the son of Richard Yap in ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ kunsaan ako unang nakilala. Na-prove ko namang kaya kong magsarili and I was even able to buy our own house for my family, from my own earnings. Okay na kami ngayon ng father ko and he knows I really care for our family.”

Jerome is turning 23 on June 4. “Kaya sana, panoorin ng viewers ang ‘Finding You’ as their birthday gift to me,” he says.