Janella pressured to comment on Elmo

March 01, 2019
Janella Salvador

JANELLA Salvador attended the presscon of ABS-CBN’s Indigital Productions for their new original 3-part anthology series, “Touch Screen”, which delves into the connection between technology and human relationships. It will start streaming on IWant TV starting March 6. Janella stars in the first story, “Wittyrella”, as a teen fan girl who uses Twitter to get her celebrity crush to notice her but only gets into conflict with a famous 3-word tweet account whose author turns out to be someone close to her.

Although Janella is hesitant to talk about her ex-BF Elmo Magalona, saying she has moved on, some writers pressured her to answer if Elmo has finally apologized for allegedly physically abusing her when they were still on. “Tapos na 'yun,” she says. “You can’t force someone to apologize and it’s not worth stressing about it. You can just do the forgiving on your own and then you move on. The important thing is that you learn a lesson from the experience and the next time it happens, I know na how to handle it. I’m just happy to be working again and I’m happy with my role in ‘Wittyrella’ as a lot of young people who are into social media can certainly relate to it.”

The second story in “Touch Screen” is “Vixee vs. Inday”, with Pokwang playing the role of a househelp working with a family for a long time. She finds herself ignored when the dad brings home a gadget called Vixee. The third story, “It’s A Match”, stars Joseph Marco as an app developer who encounters his own boss (Denise Laurel) in a dating app and makes a bet with his friends that he can make her fall for him.

“Touch Screen” is the 4th Indigital offering after “The End” (an anthology of short films), “Alamat ng Ano” (a collection of feel-good comedy stories) and “Hush” (tastefully done daring erotic dramas shown only from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. when kids are already asleep.)