Janella vs Elmo: Negative for their career

October 25, 2018
Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona
Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona

JANELLA Salvador vs. Elmo Magalona. Darren Espanto vs. JK Labajo. Current issues being feasted on today by those hungry for scandals and controversial issues.

Janella has confessed that Elmo has physically hurt her twice. The first time, she forgave him after he apologized and promised not to do it again. The next time happened when they had a fight after they came from a party where they were both drinking. Janella fought back and slapped Elmo and that’s when he allegedly pushed her out of the vehicle they were riding in. She says she was forced to speak to straighten the lies that Elmo’s camp has been spreading about her and he mom, Jenine Desiderio. She also revealed that she and Elmo are seeing a psychiatrist.

Elmo, on his part, seems to have decided to just keep silent. Probably so that it wouldn’t be a case of her word against his. When they were first paired, we remember folks predicted that things don’t seem promising for them. Janella was formerly paired with Marlo Mortel while Elmo, when he was still with GMA, with Janine Gutierrez. Their careers seemed to be running more smoothly then.

When Elmo moved to ABS-CBN, the two of them were paired in “Born for You”, but it was shortlived as the show didn’t get the expected high ratings. The two movies they did as ElNella love team also didn’t hit it big at the box office, “Bloody Crayons” and “My Fairy Tale Love Story”. ABS-CBN bosses have already told them they’ll have to work separately. And now, this battered girlfriend issue came out and the effect is undoubtedly negative for their careers. They still do not have any new projects in the horizon.