Janine brings back movie star quality

February 06, 2019
Janine Gutierrez
Janine Gutierrez

JANINE Gutierrez is the primary reason why anyone should see Regal Entertainment’s new movie, “Elise”. She looks so stunningly beautiful from any angle. As one scribe says: “Ang ganda niya, mukha talagang pang-old school at classic na artistang katipo nina Gloria Romero at Amalia Fuentes na bihira na ngayon.”

And what’s more, she really has the makings of a good actress, with charming acting skills that have no unnecessary frills or pretensions. She’s just so natural on screen, no effort at all in whatever scene she does, whether comic or dramatic, no artifice whatsoever.

The movie is a romantic comedy that takes a dramatic turn towards the end. It’s kind of uneven in its efforts to be a crowdpleaser, but Janine simply carries it through. You’d just wish she had more exposure because although the title of the movie is “Elise”, Janine actually appears only after about half an hour. And it’s only then that the movie really springs to life. She portrays Elise as an irresistible force of nature and you can’t help but focus your eyes on her whenever she is on screen.

The movie will remind you of the works of writer-director Jason Paul Laxamana about ill-fated lovers and come to think of it, the actor who would be most effective to play the role of the geeky leading man here is JC Santos, who has made playing such unhappy and unfulfilled characters his supreme specialty in films like “100 Tulad Para Kay Stella”, “Mr. and Mrs. Cruz”, and “The Day After Valentine”.