Jennylyn appears braver than Dennis

August 04, 2020
Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado

JENNYLYN Mercado is gaining more and more fans for her gutsy stance over current issues of national relevance. Many people admire her for being very vocal about her concerns and in encouraging people to express themselves about the ineptitude and injustices that they are personally experiencing.

She sympathized with ABS-CBN and its employees who’d lose jobs because of the shutdown. She criticized government people who defied the rules and got away with it, like Sen. Koko Pimentel, the police chief who had “mananita” on his birthday and Mocha who held a mass gathering without safety protocols.

She slammed Sen. Bato for telling ABS-CBN employees “Maghanap na lang kayo ng ibang trabaho.” She even made fun of spokesman Harry Roque who was seen sleeping during the SONA of his own boss.

Some folks bashed her and say they prefer the former Jennylyn who is more meek and neutral. This is what Jen’s replied to them: “But I am a Filipino and that alone is enough reason. To be neutral or silent in times of injustice is itself an injustice. If being “bashed” is a small price to pay for practicing my right to freedom of speech, then I am fine with it.” 

She adds: “Huwag kayong maging manhid sa hirap na pinagdaraanan ng iba. I will pray for everyone to be enlightened and more compassionate, to always remember the values that make us human. Let’s all be kind to one another.”

Jen’s followers really multiplied and some even told her she’s braver than her BF Dennis Trillo who’s just quiet about significant national issues. She seems to be enjoying personally communicating with her supporters, calling her fans online her “Bessies”. 

Well, she has all the time to bond with them now since she is not taping yet for “Descendants of the Sun” due to the lockdown. But once regular work resumes, she might not have the time anymore to answer them all personally like what she is doing now.