Judy Ann in GMA's Telesine Presents

August 22, 2020

JUDY Ann Santos plays the title role in “Cara Mystica”, the featured movie in GMA’s “Telesine Presents” this Sunday. As Cara, Juday is an ugly young woman who is maltreated by the cruel people in their town because of her unsightly appearance.

She doesn’t retaliate to her detractors but just suffers in silence. She has a close friend to comfort her, Gomer, played by Romnick Sarmenta. Then one day, she chances upon an antique mirror that is inhabited by a spirit named Misty.

The spirit talks to Juday as Cara and offers her the chance to alter her appearance and become beautiful. She is gladdened by this, but with her newfound beauty, will she really find the happiness she is looking for? And Cara also  doesn’t know that there will be a bad pay off for this.

“Telesine Presents” will offer a variety of movies from comedy and drama to action and suspense, all with engrossing stories and high cinematic quality. “Cara Mystica” in “Telesine Presents” will be shown Sundays after “The Boobay and Tekla Show”.