KC mana kay Gabby?

February 06, 2020
KC Concepcion
KC Concepcion

TWO family occasions, Christmas and her birthday, Sharon Cuneta has not heard a single word mula sa anak na si KC Concepcion. She has remained silent and this is causing so much pain to her Megastar mother.

The social media is her last resort posting her innermost feelings. Sadly they landed on deaf ears. For how long their tampuhan will last? Only time can tell.
All mothers for sure will sympathize with Sharon. As our elders always say, "hindi matitiis ng ina ang anak." At para tumagal ng ganito ang hidwaan ng mag-ina malalim ngang talaga ang pinagmulan.   

Ang masakit pa, KC's dinner date with dad Gabby Concepcion is posted all over social media.  KC is the carbon copy of her dad Gabby. Could it be that she inherited his carefree ways?   

With regards on bashers ano ang alam nila about motherhood?  They unabashedly bash Sharon about it.