Korina: ‘Pepe and Pilar are the best birthday blessing for Mar’

May 07, 2019
Mar Roxas and Korina Sanchez with their twins

IT’s a grand slam homerun win for Mar Roxas and wife Korina Sanchez-Roxas as the ultimate birthday dream for Mar  is finally a reality with the arrival of their fraternal twins Pepe and Pilar to their lives.

The couple considers Pepe and Pilar as a miracle as they have been planning their “baby project” for years. And now, they can truly say that the happiness they share is 100% complete.

Pepe and Pilar were delivered last February 12, at 1:00 p.m. in Pittsburgh, USA. Pepe was born first at 5.4 lbs. while Pilar was born after an hour at 4.10 lbs.

Both Mar and Korina are naturals as they both adore children and young ones, only this time, they will be loving and taking care of their own.

For years the individual careers of Mar and Korina took over their lives and it seemed that their “baby project” would never come into fruition. But as they say, everything happens in God’s perfect time and the couple believes that this is the perfect season in their lives to have babies.

“Although I’ve always loved children, there was a time I thought it wouldn’t happen anymore. But I hardly accept the word ‘impossible’ just like that. Only then can you be sure you gave it your all. Yes, I prayed. But we did the work God blessed our efforts. Mar is inspired to lead his children to how he defines as a best life,” says an exuberant Korina.  

With the arrival of Pepe and Pilar, the couple felt a mixture of uncertainty, worry, and anxiety which eventually turned into pure joy and the most fulfilling adventure that they are having as a married couple.

“We weren’t married yet when we both decided to freeze our embryos,” says Korina. “Mar and I were just waiting for the perfect time to start a family.”

Mar and Korina are hopeful to be guided to raise their children properly as responsible, loving, compassionate, and God-fearing individuals.

“They ask me what I dream for kids to become later on. I want to guide them in a specific direction. I want to see what they will love and be good at. So, my role really is to get them to develop to the fullest whatever potentials they show. But the most essential is to each be a good person, helpful to people, compassionate, purposeful, God fearing, and inspiring. If you are that, you are happy. Happiness defines success,” says Mar.

Indeed, the life of Mar and Korina has become more colorful and exciting because of the little angles that heaven blessed them with. It is a new chapter for Mar and Korina – a chapter that is more purpose-driven, one that is full of love and laughter, which they will enjoy for years to come.