Kris finds many opportunities during lockdown

Kris Bernal

KRIS Bernal celebrated her 31st birthday last Sunday and had a live workout session where she invited all her fans to join her through her Instagram account. She called it "#heHappyBirthdayKrisBWorkout” and her followers liked it.

“They were the ones requesting it so, kumbaga, pinagbigyan ko lang ang request nila at nag-enjoy naman daw sila working out with me online,” she says. “And now, ang request naman nila, to make it regular, kahit once a week man lang daw, to keep us all physically fit sa panahong ito ng corona lockdown.”

It’s common knowledge that Kris is now officially engaged to businessman Perry Choi, who she met when he became a supplier for her restaurant, Meat Kris and later, House of Gogi. 

“He grew up in the food business, so he gave me some tips on how to run my own business and I really learned a lot from him,” she says. “He became my mentor who personally guided me.”

At her age, she has not stopped learning. As a matter of fact, the pandemic lockdown have brought her so many personal realizations about life. 

“Marami talaga akong natutuhan sa two months na pananatili sa bahay,” she adds. “Unang-una, live each day like it’s your last. Don’t take it for granted, use it, be grateful for it. Then, just take things day-by-day. It’s not a race. There’s no competition! Learn to reflect and reinvent your life. Nobody has the same quarantine experience, so connect with others with kindness, understanding, and empathy. Also know how to explore business opportunities online and find contentment in even the little things. Know how to count your blessings.”