Kris finds match in new adversaries?

January 16, 2019
Kris Aquino

LOOKS like Kris Aquino has found her match in the Falcis brothers. She has had feuds before, but her adversaries then were no match to her, notably her ex-lovers. But this time, her opponents seem so ready, palaban and all fired up to spill all the beans about her.

As lawyer Jess Falcis proudly declared: “Don’t mess with two gay brothers who have the truth on their side!”

He fearlessly adds: “Ang problema sa mga lalaki niya noon, they’re straight, so hindi sila makasagot dahil sa konseptong men do not attack women. E, kami, hindi kami straight, so mas makakapagsalita kami. We will fight for our truth and we will vindicate our name.”

He insisted that his Kuya Nicko, who Kris sued for qualified theft, has not done anything wrong while he was working as an accountant for Kris C. Aquino Productions. He himself was sued by Kris for cyberlibel. Nicko says Kris even owes him P20 million for unpaid commissions. He has also revealed other secrets of Kris, like she felt so bad when she returned to ABS-CBN to do “I Love You, Hater”, but received a not-so-warm welcome as even her former managers were not around to be with her. 

Well, we have to admit it’s really lukewarm, especially when compared to how stupendously they staged a red carpet welcome for Regine Velasquez.

Other issues have come up since then, but the latest development is the audio recording that’s now circulating between Kris and Nicko (Kris has admitted it’s her voice).

In the filched audio, the furious Kris says: “Huwag ka nang bumalik sa Pilipinas, nadinig mo. No, huwag, papapatay ka ng pamilya ko. You know what’s wrong with me? May lupus ako, Nicko! That’s why, gusto mong bumalik sa Pilipinas? Dare to step in the country and you will be dead!”

This is exactly the kind of scandalous story that is feasted on with so much gusto by gossip-hungry readers of entertainment columns. We don’t really know how this will end as of now, but as long as both Kris and Nicko and his lawyer brother are willing to talk some more, they can be sure na mas pagpipiyestahan pa sila nang husto online and in gossip columns.

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