Kris, ibinahagi kung paano niya nilabanan ang stress

November 04, 2018
Kris Aquino

NAKABALIK na ng Pilipinas si Kris Aquino at ang dalawang anak na sina Josh at Bimby mula sa isang short vacation sa Hong Kong nitong Undas.

Back to work na rin ang Queen of  All Media dahil ang balita namin ay magsu-shoot siya para sa isang bagong endorsement.

Post ni Kris sa Instagram bago sila umalis ng mga anak para magbakasyon, “I promised myself for as long as we could afford it, and I am physically healthy  enough – whatever request kuya josh & bimb make, I’m 100% going to do it because they deserve as many happy memories as I can possibly give them.”

Dagdag pa niya, “My favorite part of my life is being their MAMA.”

Very interesting din ang para sa followers ni Kris ang post niya kung ano ang kanyang ginagawa kapag nai-stress siya and how to handle it.

Ani Kris, “STRESSFUL TIMES forced me to focus on what’s good for me , and the people who make me BETTER. i shall not waiver because God already saved me from what was never meant for me.”

And during stressful time, ito raw ang kanyang mga ginagawa:

“1. Live in the NOW. Let go of the past, and the past shall let you move forward.

“2. You only get today, TODAY. Do something to make yourself and others SMILE.

“3. You have the ability to become wiser, that’s the consolation price of a humbling experience. The more that is required of you, the more the siuation strengthened you.

“4. Not getting what you want immediiately means God has something better coming our way. All He asks is that we TRUST in His will and His plan; we must not impose ours.

“5. But first, PRAY... as often for ourselves and loved ones BUT also for the many people we need to.

“6. Then go have some FUN with the people you love, and love them more. My sons = My Life.

“7. The negativity of others should only motivate you to. increase your POSITIVITY.

“8. Remind yourself of everything you have to be grateful for... THANK YOU is such an effective way to start your day and end our days.

“I want to say THANK YOU for seeing pieces of me here and appreciating how much i continue to evolve.”

Well, subukan nating gayahin si Kris para naman ma-relieve din kahit papaano ang mga stress na nararamdaman natin.