Kris says she and BF touch each other through fingers

August 24, 2020
Kris Bernal

KRIS Bernal laughs off the rumor that she is now living in with her boyfriend of three years now, Perry Choi, a chef and businessman who’s also an associate in her Korean restaurant. “We are engaged,” says Kris. “But we’re not living under one roof yet. It’s my choice na hindi muna kami magsama. We’ll do that only after we’ve been officially married. But with this pandemic, ang hirap magplano ng wedding, sa totoo lang.”

She says that when they see each other now, they practice social distancing. “No hugging, no kissing,” she adds. “At naka-face mask at face shield kami. For our own safety. Kung magbatian nga kami, yung lang mga dulo ng daliri namin, our point finger, ang pinagdidikit namin. Tiis-tiis muna, siempre.”

Kris says her businesses were really affected by the pandemic. She had to close down her Korean resto because there were no customers. She has since reopened it but only for take outs. She also her own lipstick line, which also suffered.

“Siempre, laging naka-face mask ang mga tao, bakit pa sila magli-lipstick?” she says.

But what she really misses is acting before the cameras again. “My last soap was the horror series, ‘Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko’, which was last year pa. E, dati, sandali lang ako mabakante. But I understand naman kasi nga may pandemic, so there are now new shows being taped as of now. We have to wait until matapos itong health crisis na ito.”

Recently, in her Youtube vlog, she said she was so hurt by some bashers who called her anorexic and bulimic. “Yes, body shaming ang ginawa nila sa akin. Wala akong magagawa kasi, by nature, payat talaga ako. Small ang built ko. It’s my body type, ectomorph, hindi tumataba kahit kain nang kain. It’s in my genes, mabilis talaga ang metabolism ko. So 'yun.”