Kyline, Therese learn the ‘art of rivalry' from Sunshine and Angelika

March 25, 2019
Kyline Alcantara and Therese Malvar
Kyline Alcantara and Therese Malvar

THE rivalry between Kyline Alcantara and Therese Malvar in “Inagaw na Bituin” gets more intense as the show goes on, but it’s not only they who are being competitive with each other but also their more senior counterparts, Sunshine Dizon and Angelika de la Cruz. Sunshine is Kyline’s biological mom in the story, but she doesn’t know that Kyline is actually her baby girl who was snatched away from her years ago. Angelika, in turn, is the mom of Therese who will do everything to make sure her daughter will be a big singer and bright star in local showbiz.

Netizens are getting more and more engrossed each time Sunshine and Angelika have a catfight in the show. “Kasi parang totoong-totoo,” they say. “Pareho kasi silang fierce at palaban, walang inuurungan. Akala mo talaga, nagkakasakitan sila at ’di daya lang.”

But Sunshine says she and Angelika have mastered the art of fighting in front of the camera. “This is not the first time we’re having such violent scenes kasi sa ‘Ika-6 na Utos’ before, ilang beses din kaming nag-away at nag-upakan,” she adds. “You’d think totoo ang ginagawa namin and that means we’re really convincing actresses dahil viewers think nag-aaway kami talaga. But off cam, we’re the best of friends kasi since teenagers pa kami, ilang beses na kaming nagkatrabaho and sanay na kami sa ginagawa namin.”

Both Kyline and Therese say they’re thankful to get the chance to work with seasoned actresses like Sunshine and Angelika. “We’re learning so much from them kasi they’re both generous in sharing with us their knowledge about acting and also about life,” says Kyline. “They are much more experienced than us since mas matagal na sila sa industriya kaya it’s like learning important life lessons while we’re working with them.”  

remind me noong teenager pa ako and paired with the likes of Albert and also Gabby Concepcion. Naiisip ko na lang, been there done that na ako.”

Their director in “Sahaya” is relatively new, Zig Dulay. How is he? “Oh, he’s an intelligent director. He knows what he’s doing pati sa cinematography at sa acting ng actors niya. And he’s very cool sa set. Hindi nagagalit.”

How does she feel being relegated to mother roles now? “Oh, it’s fine with me. I’m just thankful that GMA still gives me good assignments like ‘Sahaya’ na ginagastusan talaga nila nang husto sa sets and costumes pa lang. Ever since naman, never akong nag-feeling big star kaya when our time passed and mother roles na ang ino-offer sa’kin, I gladly accepted them. The industry has given me so much since the time I was a 3-year old child star. So wala akong mairereklamo talaga after all these years.”